Oyo founder Ritesh Agarwal asks aspiring entrepreneurs to not look down on business, shares special advice

By Divya Bhati: Being an entrepreneur is not easy. One must be dedicated, face rejection, and pull themselves up to continue reaching the final goal. In the growing economic scenario, India is also witnessing young minds bringing new ideas and embarking on their journey of entrepreneurship. To motivate these young founders, Ritesh Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Oyo, a leading hospitality chain, has shared some special tips.

In a recent tweet, Agarwal conveyed some piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. He shared his insights on how to cope with rejection and use it as a source of motivation and learning. Ritesh Agarwal posted a video clip with his advice on twitter and wrote, “For aspiring entrepreneurs out there who are scared of rejection – take pride in whatever you build. Don’t fret about being rejected. All entrepreneurs get rejected at some point in their journey. The ones who take it in their stride succeed in the long run.”

In the video, Agarwal emphasised on two important points to empower and motivate budding entrepreneurs on their journey towards success.

The first piece of advice which Agarwal stresses on is to never be ashamed of your work. He says that every profession is respectable and one should never look down on what they are doing. “If you want your start-up, the first point is that you should not be ashamed of your work,” he said.

“No matter what the work is, every profession is respectable. You should be proud about it,” he continued.

The second advice he emphasised on was to never fear rejection. The OYO founder says that one should not be afraid of rejection. He points out that all entrepreneurs face rejection at some point in their journey, but that those who are able to handle rejection and keep moving forward are more likely to succeed.

Agarwal assured the budding entrepreneurs that rejection and failers are part of the journey. However, he says that people should not be disheartened by it, but see it as a temporary setback. He advices that young entrepreneurs should not give up too early.

Agarwal’s advice is based on his own entrepreneurial journey and experience he had while building his business of OYO Rooms. Notably, , Agarwal started OYO Rooms- a hotel chain, when he was just 19 years old. The company is now one of the largest hotel chains in India and in the top 3 list of growing hotel chains in the world. It has around 8.5 lakh rooms across 800 cities, worldwide.

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