Palia: All Romanceable Characters and How to Unlock Them

In the charming life simulation game Palia, players can partake in common cozy game activities like fishing, mining, gardening, and bug catching. Establishing bonds with villagers enhances this gameplay as players get to know the residents of Palia by completing quests, the act of giving gifts, and speaking with villagers each day.

For players interested in deepening their connections with Palia’s colorful villagers they can explore romantic relationships with nine of these NPCs. This guide provides comprehensive details on Palia’s romance mechanic, specifying which Palia characters are romanceable and detailing the process required to enter a romantic relationship with them.

How Does Romance Work in Palia palia-after-gift-given-1

Palia features nine characters who are eligible for romantic relationships. Players can engage romantically with any of these characters, unrestricted by gender. Additionally, it’s possible for the player to be romantically involved with more than one villager at the same time.

Choosing to pursue romance adds extra content to Palia’s story, and new quests and dialog will give players a more nuanced understanding of the personality and identity of their beloved. The player can romance one of Palia’s potential love interests once they reach the appropriate friendship level with that character.

In a multiplayer setting, multiple player characters can romance the same villager without any negative consequences. Each villager will interact with player characters as if they are their only romantic interest, providing a unique experience for each player.

All Romanceable Characters in Palia Einar Hassian Jel Jina Kenyatta Nai’o Reth Tamala Tish Romance Pins and Their Effects

By progressing in their romantic relationship, the player will receive a Romance Pin from their chosen partner. Only two Romance Pins can be equipped at any given time. Wearing a Romance Pin from a particular villager will unlock new dialog options with that villager. Additionally, other villagers may react when they see the player’s equipped pins.

Romance pins also amplify the romance gains from conversations. Additionally, receiving a Romance Pin from a character will unlock the Accomplishment “What Brings Us Together,” rewarding the player with 30 Renown.

How to Unlock Romance With a Villager Buying Box of Chocolates in Palia

Players can unlock romantic relationships with an NPC by reaching Friendship Level 3 with an eligible villager and gifting that character either a Box of Chocolates or Heartdrop Lily. The player can purchase a Box of Chocolates from the General Store for 200 Gold. Heartdrop Lily can be gathered at Bahari Bay.

Romance level can be raised by speaking with that villager daily and completing requests. The villager will also accept either a Box of Chocolates or Heartdrop Lily once per week to increase their romance level. It’s important to note that gifting this item will count as one of the daily gifts for that character, so they will not be able to gift a liked item or Weekly Want on that day.

Friendship level bars in Palia

Each romanceable character features two bars in the relationships menu. The top bar indicates their friendship level with the player, and the second is their romance level. As the player increases this level, they will unlock new stories and quests as they strengthen their bond.

Palia is available in Open Beta for PC. A full release for PC and Nintendo Switch will be released at a later date.

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