Palia: Echoes of the Unknown Quest Guide

After completing the Like a Bird quest in Palia, players will finally have a Breath of the Wild-style paraglider to help them get around. The first thing to do with this new piece of equipment is to complete the next quest in the storyline, called Echoes of the Unknown.

This quest is given to the player by Jina, the same NPC that gave them the Ancient Battery Quest. It’s all about exploring the newly-found ruins by making use of the paraglider to cross the gap. But once players are inside the ruins themselves, there is little direction to help them get to the puzzle and complete it. Here’s how.

Get to the Top Floor of the Ruins Palia-Echoes-Of-The-Unknown-Puzzle-Quest-01

Once the player has gotten across the water over to the ruins with their Palia Glider, there are several staircases to explore. However, none of them seem to lead anywhere. There are a couple of doors as well, but none of them open. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get to the upper floors to find the “glowing runes” that Jina saw. To get there, players will need to ride a geyser up to the upper levels.

Around one of the staircases in the ruins in this Animal Crossing-like MMORPG, there is a rocky hole in the floor filled with water. It doesn’t do anything if walked over, and it might not seem like much. But if the player stops for a moment inside the pool of water, the geyser will fire off. This will launch the player into the air, allowing them to open their glider and parasail to the second floor.

How to Solve the Puzzle Palia-Echoes-Of-The-Unknown-Puzzle-Quest-02

Once Palia players are on the upper floor in the ruins, there will be a sliding block puzzle. It’s not a challenging one, but here is the solution in case anyone has some trouble with it:

Left Left Down Down Left Palia-Echoes-Of-The-Unknown-Puzzle-Quest-03

When the sliding puzzle is complete, the quest will almost be done. All players have to do is glide back over to the other side of the water, grab the chest on the rocks below where Jina is standing if players have enough inventory slots for it, and then climb back up to Jina. Tell her all about what was found inside the ruins, and this will end the quest Echoes of the Unknown.

Palia is in early access for PC.

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