Palia: How to Complete A Bouquet of Sunshine

Palia is a cozy MMO that is currently in Early Access. There is still a whole bunch of things to do, however, including pairing up with Palia friends online, farming, quest hunting, and making friends in town.

One of the NPCs in Palia that players can begin to form a relationship with is Ashura. He is the owner of the bar called Ormuu’s Horn in the city center, and he has lost his wife. In order to help him out and complete the ‘A Bouquet of Sunshine’ quest, players will need to first get their friendship with him up and will also need to farm a hard-to-find flower around town.

How to Get A Bouquet of Sunshine in Palia Palia-How-To-Complete-Bouquet-Sunshine

In order to even start the quest called ‘A Bouquet of Sunshine’ in this friendly MMORPG, players will have to raise their friendship level with Ashura to level 2. There are plenty of ways to get people in town to like the player’s avatar, including chatting with them, giving them gifts, and completing quests for them. Once a player has earned the level 2 friendship, they will be able to chat with Ashura and pick up this quest.

Palia-How-To-Complete-Bouquet-Sunshine Finding Sundrop Lilies is Palia Palia-How-To-Complete-Bouquet-Sunshine

Sundrop Lilies are actually quite easy to find, thankfully. Once players exit the town of Palia’s streets and end up in the grassy plains around it, there should be several places to find these shining plants. They sort of resemble tulips, and they glow on the ground, making them a little easier to find. For the ‘A Bouquet of Sunshine’ quest, five are needed, and they can be found along the banks of the Whispering Banks to the east of town in this co-op-friendly video game.

How to Find Ashura’s Wife’s Grave in Palia Palia-How-To-Complete-Bouquet-Sunshine

Sabine’s grave marker is located in the Remembrance Garden, very close to the central altar, just south of Palia. Look for a small incense bowl to the left when standing in front of the altar and facing away from it. It will look like this:

Palia-How-To-Complete-Bouquet-Sunshine How to Complete the Bouquet of Sunshine in Palia

Once the player has collected all five Sundrop Lilies and placed them on Sabine’s grave marker, they will need to head back to the bar and chat with Ashura. He will be touched by the player’s heart, and this will level up their friendship level even higher. Players will also earn:

100 Sapwood from Palia’s plentiful trees 100 Heartword Renown for all of Palia

Palia is available in Open Beta for PC. A full release for PC and Nintendo Switch will release at a later date.

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