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Palia is an exciting game that is very similar to Stardew Valley, but in 3D graphics. In the world of Palia, as in many similar farming games, getting tree seeds is an important step. It helps to improve the farm territory and complete some quests. But for some fans, this task is confusing, so in this guide below, players will find valuable information on how to get tree seeds.

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Basically, fans need to cut down medium and large trees in Bahari Bay to get these seeds. But it only looks so simple since in fact, it is a very difficult task. The problem is that the chance of dropping this item is very small, and players will have to cut down plenty of trees. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and patience to collect the right amount of seeds for the farm. And there is bad news for users who want to get seeds from trees that have already been planted. It is impossible to get seeds this way, but only by chopping down wild trees.

Another way to get seeds is to wait for them as a gift in the mail. This is also not a perfect option, as it is not known exactly how long it will take. Just like the first method, waiting for seeds in the mail is quite random, but combining the two options would be a suitable solution. That is, players need to chop a lot of wood and sometimes check their mail.

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In fact, there are few options for using tree seeds. As mentioned above, players can use them to plant trees near the farm and enjoy them, but this is not the only use for the seeds. Fans can also use this item for the Prove Your Devotion quest. Sometimes the villagers will need the seeds, or, like in Stardew Valley, they can be used as a gift to improve relationships with some characters. There is no reason to sell them, as they are very cheap and take a long time to find.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta on PC. It will fully release on PC and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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