‘Personality beauty attracts me more’

‘Personality beauty attracts me more’

Thursday, 11/19/2020 09:31 AM (GMT + 7)

Among the few runner-ups who were invited to give a miss, the familiar face of the television editor Thuy Van said she was very honored.

And so does Thuy Van have a chance to compare the candidate’s conditions now with the time she took the exam?

Candidates now have a better chance of being accompanied by a professional crew, which is more difficult due to the longer examination process. You are judged from many angles with many component competitions. When we did not test talent. I remember the North final to select the final, I still went to the ninth floor hall of Tien Phong newspaper wearing two sets, one ao dai, one bikini to wear and then went around on stage. Not as epic as the last semi-final in Hanoi. It may also be a disadvantage that we do not have the opportunity to show, but also your hard work when preparing the semi-finals like the final. Anyway I think each time is different, difficult to compare.

Runner-up, judge Thuy Van: 'Personality beauty attracts me more'  - first

And the composition of the Miss Vietnam contestant is also increasingly diverse, right?

Miss Vietnam has proven her class, is the place of expression for many beautiful, civilized and knowledgeable girls. Seeing the contestants’ educational background this year, we are very happy, very happy that this playground has finally attracted girls who were not interested in beauty contests, just focusing on studying. . But now they must have seen that if they did not take the Miss Vietnam competition, they did not feel sorry (laugh). So this year we see the contestants studying well, multi-talented, and multi-lingual.

The assessment standards of the BGK must also be different?

Modern beauty would be different from the old days. Maybe in the old days, we valued the pure Vietnamese beauty, the full moon shape … for example. But now, maybe the more angular, personality, and brave girls bring a feeling of sexier and more attractive. Criteria also changed gradually because I had to be close to the world. The world always evaluates the energy emanating from within the girls, Miss Vietnam is not out of the criteria.

Judge Thuy Van was asked to even bribe by someone to influence the results ?!

Before entering the marking, we are read by the organizers a very long regulation for judges. We understand that the judges must first keep their credibility first. There is a judge told the organizers that this person texted me … The judges are very conservative, rejecting all calls, messages. We have prepared mentality to keep the fairest and most transparent attitude towards all candidates.

The organizers, too, to be blunt: All the cases of asking for help, even the candidate is immediately disqualified to avoid a bad reputation, whether she is beautiful or not. As a journalist, when I say this, it means I have to see and hear: Perhaps this is the fairest, fairest contest among all beauty contests in Vietnam. So I feel extremely proud to be a part of Miss Vietnam 2020.

Source: https: //www.tienphong.vn/hoa-hau/a-hau-giam-khao-thuy-van-ve-dep-ca-tinh-cuon-hut-toi-hon-175199 …

Tieu Vy is sexy, Thuy Van is less charming because of her clothes

Tieu Vy stands out in a sleek silver bodycon design. Runner Thuy Van lost points because of a fragile dress.


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