Pikmin 4: The best items to give Pikmin in co-op

At its core, Pikmin 4 is a game about cooperation and working with others to overcome obstacles and challenges. This is the relationship between the player, the Pikmin, Oatchi the Rescue Pup, and all other Rescue Corp members. While it’s certainly possible to enjoy the game alone, having a friend to help out will always come in handy.

In Pikmin 4, co-op takes on a different form than in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. While players can experience the entire story together, the role of the second player is different from the main adventurer. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is essential to understand how best to support a co-op partner during the journey.

What is co-op mode in Pikmin 4?

The selection of cooperative mode in Pikmin 4 can be done through the Options menu, which allows two players to enjoy the story together. The second player will take control of the Pebble Pitcher, which can be used to throw both pebbles at enemies and items for the Pikmin army whenever available. Another way to help is to throw pebbles at the treasure or creature the Pikmin are carrying, which increases their carrying speed for a short time.

Co-op points and the best items to give Pikmin in co-op Co-op points and best items to give Pikmin in co-op

Only by working together can co-op partners hope to earn co-op points. Defeating creatures, breaking walls, and transporting stuff are just a few of the many different ways to rack up co-op points. With enough points, the co-op gauge displayed next to the Pebble Pitcher will fill and the second player will receive an item they can use to help. These items include:

Item Type

item function


Giving Pikmin Nectar will allow them to bloom a flower, which makes them faster and more resilient than before. Feeding Oatchi Nectar helps it recover its health.


A favorite of Oatchi, a Scrummy Bone will restore your HP or increase your maximum HP by up to five times if your health is already full.

Pikpik carrots

An irresistible treat for many creatures, players can use Pikpik Carrots as bait and paralyze enemies. The more they eat, the longer the paralyzing effect.

bomb rock

A powerful rock that explodes when thrown, players can use it to break through reinforced walls or inflict massive damage on creatures.

ice blast

An item that freezes any and all targets within its blast zone, Ice Blast can also be used to freeze bodies of water.

lightning shock

Lightning Shock can be used to summon lightning at creatures and briefly paralyze them with a powerful electrical shock.

While the items received to fill the co-op gauge are random, knowing when and how to use these items will make everyone a better co-op partner. As a recommendation, using Nectar to help power up Pikmin is always a smart move, while offensive items are best left when faced with multiple enemies or a dangerous boss battle.

Pikmin 4 is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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