Pikmin 4: How to get more Pup Drive for Oatchi

As players begin their Pikmin 4 adventures, there will be more new things to look out for in addition to the Pikmin army that will be assembled. The latest entry in the beloved series brings new additions to gameplay mechanics and level design, and the sooner players can get to grips with what to expect, the smoother the rescue mission will go.

One of the key components of Pikmin 4 is the arrival of the Rescue Corps Rescue Pup, also known as Oatchi. With this furry friend by their side, players will have their options for dealing with obstacles expanded, and his upgradable abilities make him an even more reliable ally in certain situations than the Pikmin themselves. For players looking to maximize the Oatchi’s potential in Pikmin 4, understanding how the Pup Drive works is critical.

What is Pup Drive in Pikmin 4? All Oatchi Pup Rescue Skills in Pikmin 4

Essentially, Pup Drive is the currency that players can spend to level up Oatchi’s various abilities. After rescuing Russ the scientist, returning to Rescue Command will see Captain Shepherd offer to tutor Oatchi in various skills.

There are a total of 13 skills that Oatchi can master, with one more Legendary skill that only becomes available when everything else is maxed out. Needless to say, a puppy rescued at this level will be an invaluable ally in any situation in Pikmin 4.

How to get more Pup Drive for Oatchi in Pikmin 4 How to get more Pup Drive for Oatchi in Pikmin 4

As the game will quickly point out, the best and only way to get more Pup Drive in Pikmin 4 is to rescue Castaways. These can be central characters in the plot, such as Captain Shepherd and Olimar, or many other NPCs who can provide side quests and commentary on events during the quest.

Each Castaway rescued will reward a Pup Drive, so it’s in everyone’s best interest that all Castaways found are rescued immediately. That means anyone encountered above and underground, held hostage by enemy bosses, or even those turned into Leaflings. Completing Dandori’s battles and challenges will allow players to rescue these transformed individuals.

While fully healing these individuals requires nocturnal expeditions and the use of Glow Sap, the moment they return to Rescue Command is enough to tell. So make full use of the accumulated Pup Drive and start upgrading Oatchi to become a better rescue pup whenever possible.

Pikmin 4 is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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