PlayStation Plus Free Game for September 2023 Leaks Early

Highlights PlayStation Plus subscribers in September 2023 will receive the game Saints Row for free, adding to their monthly lineup of games. The leaked information about the free game comes from a reliable source, although users should still wait for Sony’s official announcement. Saints Row, released in 2022 as a reboot, received mixed reviews, but its inclusion in PS Plus may allow it to reach a wider audience.

One free monthly PlayStation Plus game for September 2023 has leaked early, as subscribers will be able to play 2022’s Saints Row at no extra cost. PS Plus members across all tiers get around three games every month as a part of their subscription service, and users retain access to these titles for as long as they are subscribed.

Sony added some noteworthy games to PlayStation Plus in August 2023, as users can now play Death’s Door, Dreams, and PGA Tour 2K23 with their memberships. Players have till September 4 to these games to their accounts, after which they will be replaced by next month’s lineup. Now, one title coming to PS Plus in September 2023 has been leaked, as it looks like gamers will be able to play 2022’s Saints Row.

This leak comes from Dealabs user billbil-kun, confirming that PlayStation Plus subscribers across all three tiers will get access to Saints Row in September as a free monthly game. According to the leak, players will have from September 5 to October 3 add Saints Row to their accounts. Billbil-kun has previously leaked PS Plus free games with great accuracy, but it looks like they hadn’t leaked the lineup for the past few months. Regardless, players should take every leak or rumor with a grain of salt, and wait for Sony to officially announce the PS Plus free monthly games for September 2023.

saints row reboot cover art

Released in August 2022, Saints Row is a full reboot of the franchise, but It didn’t receive good reviews at launch. The PS5 version of Saints Row has a critic score of 61 on Metacritic, with its user score sitting at a much lower 2.9. Saints Row received criticism for its story, characters, and visuals, and it looks like gamers experienced a wide variety of technical issues as well. Overall, it seems like fans weren’t pleased with this reboot, but its PS Plus release may allow it to reach a much wider audience.

It should be noted that Saints Row is one of three games coming to PS Plus in September 2023. The leaker billbil-kun has mentioned that they are unable to confirm the remaining two games, so members may have to wait for Sony to reveal the full lineup. The free monthly games generally offer a decent variety of titles, so the other two slots can include indie games or sports titles to round up the collection.

Source: Dealabs (via Video Games Chronicle)

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