The Pokemon Company Experiences Stunning Multibillion-Dollar Increase in Revenue

Highlights The Pokemon Company has achieved record profit growth, with $11.6 billion in total revenue from licensed products, showing the incredible popularity of the franchise. The company’s growth of 36.5% in a single year ranks it #2 in brand growth, highlighting the loyalty and dedication of Pokemon fans. The Pokemon brand is a household name that continues to draw in fans, making The Pokemon Company one of the most powerful and profitable licenses globally.

A business behind one of the most iconic pop culture brands of all time, The Pokemon Company International is seeing record profit growth in the billions of dollars. A recent financial report shows just how much of an increase in revenue the beloved Pokemon franchise has managed to achieve, and the numbers are absolutely mind-blowing.

License Global, a trusted news source for global consumer products and brand licensing, recently released a financial report of “The Top 10 Global Licensors of 2023.” Unsurprisingly, The Pokemon Company ranked high on that list, but the sheer growth in Pokemon’s licensing profits from its previous fiscal year are what’s truly stunning.

According to the report, The Pokemon Company clocks in at #5 with a recorded $11.6 billion in total revenue for its collective sales on all licensed products. This includes everything from games – both digital and physical – to apparel, collectibles, trading cards, accessories, toys, and all other official merchandise. While the pure profit reports alone are impressive, the growth that The Pokemon Company achieved in a single year is undeniably impressive. In 2022, The Pokemon Company managed to achieve a growth of 36.5% from its previous fiscal year. This ranks the company at #2 in brand growth on the License Global report and is a perfect reflection of just how loyal the Pokemon fans and community truly are.

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Other notable names that made the License Global list of top brand licensors were The Walt Disney company at #1 and NBCUniversal at #7. Universal is of particular interest, as the Universal Studios theme park in Osaka, Japan, recently started selling exclusive licensed Pokemon merchandise, which no doubt contributed to both companies’ rankings on this financial report.

Since its first introduction to the world in 1996 with Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red, the Pokemon brand has become a household name across the globe and continues to draw in fans with its lovable characters and wholesome stories. From the games to the television series to the seemingly infinite amount of adorable merchandise, it should really be of no surprise to anyone that The Pokemon Company is one of the most powerful and profitable licenses in the world. Fans young and old continue to flock to anything and everything Pokemon related, and The Pokemon Company would be foolish not to capitalize on this brand loyalty. As long as Pokemon remains a staple in the lives of so many around the world, The Pokemon Company should – and no doubt will – continue to provide as much merchandise and as many games as possible to its dedicated fan base.

Source: License Global

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