Pokemon Fan Designs Incredible Paradox Form for Entei

A Pokemon fan has designed a past Paradox form for Entei, the Legendary Pokemon that first appeared in the Generation 2 Gold and Silver games. Entei is an extremely rare Pokemon and part of the Legendary Beasts trio alongside Raikou and Suicune.

As it so happens, Raikou and Suicune have official Paradox forms. Suicune’s Paradox form, Walking Wake, was introduced a few months after Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched. A Water/Dragon-type Pokemon, Walking Wake paved the way for Raging Bolt, an Electric/Dragon-type Pokemon that serves as the Paradox form for Raikou. Raging Bolt will be added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as part of The Indigo Disk DLC, which is currently without a release date.

Since Suicune and Raikou have both received Paradox forms, it’s only logical that Entei will get a Paradox form of its own, probably as a Fire/Dragon-type Pokemon. Nothing official has been announced so far, but it would be surprising for Game Freak to leave Entei out of the equation. While fans wait for the official reveal of Paradox Entei, they can take a look at artwork done by Reddit user PhatmonMonstraros, who created their own take on Paradox Entei. Their art imagines what Entei would look like as a triceratops, and if rumors about Paradox Entei are to be believed, this design may not be too far off from the real thing.

It should be noted that the Paradox Legendary Beasts have primarily been added to Pokemon Scarlet as opposed to Pokemon Violet. This is because Pokemon Scarlet features past Paradox Pokemon, whereas Pokemon Violet has future Paradox Pokemon. To compensate, Pokemon Violet players have been getting future Paradox forms for the Generation 5 Legendary trio. So far, this has included Iron Leaves, a Paradox version of Virizion, and Iron Crown, a Paradox version of Cobalion. Just as it’s assumed Entei will be getting a Paradox form, it’s also likely that Terrakion will get one as well, but fans will need to stay tuned for more information on that front.

It’s unclear exactly when more Pokemon news will come. A special Pokemon Presents event just happened earlier this month, and Poltchageist was just recently revealed as well. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC is set to drop on September 13, so one has to imagine that news on The Indigo Disk and potential paradox forms for Entei and Terrakion will come at some point after that.

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