Pokemon Fan Shares Sneasel’s Creative Human Form

A creative Pokémon fan reinvented Sneasel as a human. Known as the “Sharp Claw Pokémon”, the Generation 2 Dark/Ice character has a cat-like appearance, which makes for a unique design when it comes to fan art.

Pokémon has become a beloved franchise spanning two decades of video games, TV shows, and movies. Its iconic status has also extended beyond these mediums, as many people have incorporated Pokémon into their daily lives, as has this Las Vegas neighborhood named after Pokémon streets. Likewise, the franchise has inspired many die-hard fans to make art based on their favorite characters, ranging from regular sketches to eye-catching terrariums.

Reddit user and artist endifi took their Pokemon art to the next level by drawing Sneasel in human form. The post showed a woman with dark hair similar to Sneasel’s fur and wearing a medieval-inspired outfit. She also wields two long blades in each hand, which represent the Pokémon’s sharp claws. People can also find endifi’s other Pokemon art on his Reddit profile and Instagram page @ladyendifi.

Sneasel’s art was met with positive comments, saying it looked cool. One compared the character to X-23 from X-Men because of her dual claws, while another said she reminded them of Ciel Phantomhive from the Kuroshitsuji anime, likely because of the similar hairstyles.

Recently, another Pokémon fan also created human forms of the starters Scarlet and Violet based on the characters’ final evolution forms. This is just one of the many ways that artists add their personal touch to Pokémon characters, as others even redesign them while swapping their elements or combining two Pokémon to create an original creature. Now that the franchise has over 1,000 Pokémon and counting, fans will have plenty of material for their Pokémon-inspired works for years to come.

Pokemon is currently in Generation 9, launched with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch, and continues with the latest Pokemon Horizons animated series. Despite the first’s rocky launch, marred by bugs and graphical issues, the games persevered, as many people still stuck around to explore the Paldea region and participate in Tera’s challenging raids. This generation also introduced fans to new Pokémon, including adorable starters Quaxly, Sprigatito, and Fuecoco, which won hearts.

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