Pokemon Fan Shows Off 6 Convergent Pokemon Designs


Pokemon fans have been creating their own convergent species based on existing monsters, adding to the explosion of inspired fan art in the community. Convergent species in Pokemon are different from regional forms, as they look alike but aren’t related, while regional forms are of the same species with different characteristics. The recent introduction of Poltchageist suggests that Pokemon may continue to create convergent species in the future, adding to the fascination and creativity of the franchise.

A talented and imaginative Pokemon fan artist created and shared six new convergent species based on existing monsters. Between the convergent species and Paradox forms introduced in Scarlet and Violet, the Pokemon community has absolutely exploded with inspired new fan art.

Convergent species were introduced to the Pokemon franchise in its most recent ninth Generation. Based on the real-life phenomenon of convergent evolution in which animals of differing species develop similar features over time, convergent Pokemon also look alike (Wiglett and Diglett, for example) but aren’t actually related. This is different from regional forms, which are actually of the same species (Meowth and Alolan Meowth, for example), but with different evolutionary characteristics. Poltchageist, a new Pokemon based on Japanese folklore, will be yet another example of a convergent species when it debuts with the first wave of Scarlet and Violet DLC.

Reddit user ordheistart shared some original creations with the community that they have been working on between commissions. The six Pokemon that inspired these fan-made convergent species are Forretress, Eiscue, Poliwrath, Ralts, Mudkip, and Nosepass. All of which feature different designs and Types than the original Pokemon that inspired them.

The convergent species inspired by Forretress is a Dragon and Ice-Type Pokemon, the Eiscue design is a Steel and Ghost-Type, the Poliwrath-inspired character is a Psychic and Dark-Type, Ralts is both Water and Steel, Mudkip goes to Psychic and Fire, and the Nosepass variant sees a cool Ghost and Bug-Type design. Like the artist who created three new Eeveelutions, this creative individual certainly put a lot of thought into the designs of each of these characters.

The convergent design for Eiscue stands out as one of the favorites in the comment section as it gives new life to an underappreciated Pokemon – not unlike how one Pokemon fan created alternate forms of Delphox. It really goes to show that every Pokemon out there is likely to be the favorite of at least one fan. These new looks and alternate forms that talented artists come up with can genuinely give longtime fans a new appreciation of perhaps forgotten characters.

The science behind Scarlet and Violet’s convergent evolution is truly fascinating, so it’s no surprise that fans have taken to designing even more of their own unique creatures. While this is still a new classification within the franchise, the recent introduction to Poltchageist suggests Pokemon maybe isn’t done creating convergent species just yet.

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