Pokemon Fan Designs Paradox Forms for Glimmora


A creative Pokemon fan has designed Ancient and Future Paradox Forms for the Gen 9 pocket monster Glimmora, showcasing impressive fan art. The Future Form, called Iron Lotus, is a Rock/Flying-type with a mechanical design, featuring spinning blades that function as an “air freshening device of the future.” The Ancient Form, known as Toxic Blossom, is a Poison/Grass-type with a menacing flower aesthetic, featuring sharp teeth on its petals, resembling a Venus flytrap.

The Gen 9 pocket monster Glimmora has received new Paradox versions thanks to the talents of a creative Pokemon fan. This fan art shows what the Pokemon introduced in Scarlet and Violet would like as an Ancient and Future version of itself.

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at the end of 2022, the number of pocket monsters in the franchise ballooned to over a thousand. Among the new additions was Glimmora, a dual-type Rock and Poison Pokemon. It is worth pointing out that Glimmora has the distinction of being part of Geeta’s team, which players can challenge after defeating the Elite Four. While it was not one of the new Pokemon introduced in Gen 9 to receive a Paradox form, one fan has attempted to change that.

Through fan art, a Reddit user known as HertzBurst has imagined Future and Ancient Paradox Forms for Glimmora. In a collection of images, the Pokemon fan showcased the designs and provided brief descriptions of each Paradox Form, starting with Iron Lotus. According to HertzBurst, this Future Paradox Pokemon was a Rock/Flying-type with a mechanical design. Instead of having flower-like petals, Iron Lotus had blades that would spin, functioning as an “air freshening device of the future.”

In addition to this Future Form, HertzBurst revealed their Ancient version of the Pokemon. This pocket monster had the dual type of Poison and Grass, and the Reddit user appropriately named it Toxic Blossom. As the name suggests, this version of Glimmora took the flower aesthetic and gave it a more menacing turn. With this new design, the petals on the Pokemon featured what appeared to be rows of sharp teeth, giving it a Venus flytrap look. Based on the Pokedex entry made by HertzBurst, the creature “shares a resemblance to Toxic Blossom, a creature mentioned in an old expedition journal.”

Unsurprisingly, these impressive Paradox Forms for Glimomora have been gaining traction on Reddit, with the post getting hundreds of upvotes and favorable comments. In addition to Glimmora, HertzBurts has made many other Paradox Pokemon for fans to check out, such as Ancient and Future Paradox Forms for Ditto. Furthermore, they have concepts for Flygon, Aipom, and Meganium, just to name a few.

It is often exciting to see what creative Paradox Forms fans dream up for Pokemon currently lacking one. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introducing the concept in Gen 9, there is not an abundance of official Paradox Pokemon in the Pokedex. Fortunately, many artistic gamers like HertzBurst have created their own unique Future and Ancient designs for many fan-favorite Pokemon. Even though these fan-made creations are not available in the games, it is interesting to see some eye-catching designs realized in concept art.

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