Pokemon GO: Growlithe can be shiny?

Different Pokemon GO events feature monsters in a rotation, causing some to regularly appear as wild or event-exclusive spawns. One is the dog-like Pokémon Growlithe; the monster is often featured as a wild spawn in various events. The most recent event that features the monster is the Blaze New Trails event.

Growlithe is a Ground Fire-type with a Pokemon GO CP cap of 1405. Its stat spread, with 136 Attack, 93 Defense, and 146 Resistance, leaves it relatively vulnerable to powerful enemy attacks, but the case differs when it evolves. For players wondering about Shiny availability, Shiny Growlithe debuted in September 2018. Many trainers still find the Shiny variant difficult to find, but one can easily use its increased spawn rate during Featured Events. This guide discusses solid ways to acquire a Shiny Growlithe in the wild.

How to get a Shiny Growlithe in Pokemon GO Catch Shiny Growlithe in Pokémon GO

Growlithe can evolve into a powerful Arcanine with just 50 Pokémon GO Candy; the same is true of its Shiny variant. There is no difference in stats or movesets between Shiny Growlithe and the original variant; the only difference is the color scheme. That said, Shiny collectors can catch multiple Shiny Growlithes and evolve one into a Shiny Arcanine.

Events significantly increase the spawn rate of monsters, and hunting shiny variants becomes much easier on these occasions. Players can utilize events that feature Growlithe and hunt its Shiny variant; the newer Blaze New Trails offers higher Growlithe spawn rate in the wild. Also, use Pokémon GO items and functions to further increase the Pokémon’s spawn rate. To achieve it, trainers must utilize items such as Lure Module, Incense, and the Weather Boost function.

Pokémon GO Lure Modules can be attached to a Gym or PokeStop and increase the spawn rates of Pocket Monsters in that location. Conversely, Incense is attached to the player when activated, and the Pokémon’s spawn rate increases wherever the player travels. Trainers must be on the move for the incense to work properly. Finally, the Weather Boost function increases the spawn rate of certain monsters in specific weather conditions. Their effects can stack and significantly increase the Pokémon spawn rate.

Since the spawn rate of Growlithe increases in places with sunny weather conditions, it is preferable to hunt Shiny in such areas. There is a working strategy to reach Shiny Growlithe’s spawn rate in Pokemon GO; Trainers should look for a PokeStop or Gym with sunny weather and attach a Lure Module. Once the Lure Module is set, activating an Incense and walking through the designated area will lead to several Growlithe spawns.

With each encounter, the probability of encountering a Shiny Growlithe increases. Therefore, by repeating this process and encountering more Growlithe, players increase the chances of a Shiny Growlithe encounter. This strategy works even better when performed during events that feature Growlithe.

Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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