Pokemon GO: How to Get Pinap Berries

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Berries have been a part of the mainline Pokemon games since the second generation, but they weren’t given proper names until the third generation. Unsurprisingly, berries are a part of the gameplay in Pokemon GO. Trainers can’t catch Pokemon by weakening them with their own team. Instead, they can use three types of berries before throwing a Poke Ball: Razz Berry, Nanab Berry, and Pinap Berry.

While the Razz Berry and Nanab Berry can make it easier to catch Pokemon, the Pinap Berry is different. In the mainline games, Pinap Berries were only used for making Poffins and Poke Blocks. In Pokemon GO, Pinap Berries should be used when trainers need to farm Candy.

How to Unlock Pinap Berries (& Where to Find Them) pokemon go field research special research

Pinap Berries will unlock for Pokemon GO trainers when they reach level 18. Fortunately, Pinap Berries are easy to obtain, as they’re frequent rewards for Field Research and some of the Special Research tasks.

Field Research can be picked up by spinning Poke Stop and Gym discs. Players will also get one new Field Research at 12:00am/00:00 local. Special Research are permanent quests/tasks that players can complete at their leisure. These tasks are usually in parts and take longer to fulfill than their Field Research-counterparts.

Other ways of getting Pinap Berries are the following:

Opening Gifts from Friends. Opening Gifts from the Buddy Pokemon (Great Buddy). Spinning Poke Stop and Gym discs. Increase the Trainer Level. What Are Pinap Berries For? pokemon go ledian

Like the Razz and Nanab Berry, Pinap Berries can’t be used from the Items icon on the main page. They can only be used during a Pokemon encounter. Feeding a wild Pokemon a Pinap Berry will double the Candy amount once it’s been caught.

The effect of Pinap Berries will wear off if players fail to catch the Pokemon after using the berry. If this happens, just use another Pinap Berry. Pokemon GO players can tell if the berry is still in effect by the Pinap Berry icon next to the Pokemon’s name.

There’s a variant of the Pinap Berry called a Silver Pinap Berry. Unlike regular Pinap Berries, Silver Pinap Berries double Pokemon Candy and make the Pokemon easier to catch, essentially having the power of a Pinap Berry and a Razz Berry in one. On the downside, Silver Pinap Berries are rare. Reaching certain milestones in the Trainer Level will give trainers Silver Pinap Berries. Other ways of getting them are by:

Completing certain Special Research tasks. Winning in the Battle League. Receiving them as an Adventure Sync reward for 25km or 50km.

Pokemon GO is available for mobile devices.

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