Pokémon GO Riolu Hatch Day: Research Tasks, Bonuses, Shiny Riolu, and More

Pokémon GO has launched a new type of event called Hatch Days, featuring the Emanation Pokémon, Riolu. During this event, everything revolves around hatching eggs, and 2 km Eggs have a high chance of hatching the Featured Pokémon in question, which for this specific event, will be Riolu. Trainers also have an increased chance of hatching a Shiny version of the featured Pokémon, which will come in handy for those who enjoy a rarer collection of Pokémon.

The first Pokémon GO Hatch Day features Riolu, and players need to hatch as many Riolu as possible in the three hours that the event lasts. The event begins on Saturday, July 22, 2023 at 2:00 PM and runs until 5:00 PM local time. Players can also obtain event-themed Field Research tasks by spinning Photo Discs at PokeStops. That said, this guide discusses everything about the new event.

Pokemon GO Riolu Hatch Day: Field Research Tasks and Rewards Riolu Hatch Day Research Tasks in Pokemon GO

Trainers are given two simple Field Research tasks during the event runtime, and must complete them to get rewards of Stardust, Berries, Great Balls, and Pokemon GO XP. Here are all the event-themed Field Research tasks and rewards.

Field Research Tasks


Rotate 5 PokeStops or Pokémon GO Gyms

Stardust ×300 Poké Ball ×5 Razz Berry ×5

Earn a Candy by exploring with Pokémon Buddy

Great Ball ×3 500 XP Pinap Berry ×3

Pokemon GO Riolu Hatch Day: Timed Research Tasks and Rewards Pokémon GO Team Leaders Professor Willow Research

Riolu Hatch Day also offers an event-exclusive Timed Research for free, with a Pokémon GO Super Incubator as a reward. It is important to note that the timed survey has an expiration date, but since there is only 1 task, completing it is an easy task.

Players must complete associated tasks and claim rewards before 5:00 PM local time on Saturday, July 22, 2023.


Timed search task


hatch an egg

1000 XP 1 Super Incubator

Pokémon GO Riolu Hatch Day: Event Bonus Riolu Hatch Day All Bonuses in Pokemon GO

In addition to research tasks and their rewards, Riolu Hatch Day also offers Pokemon GO players various bonuses. These bonuses range from an increased hatch rate to Stardust rewards. Here are all the bonuses that Niantic’s developers came up with for the event:

All Event Bonuses

Increased probability of hatching Shiny Riolu during event hours.

Players can earn 2× Stardust by hatching eggs.

PokeStops often drop 2 km eggs.

Pokémon GO Riolu Hatch Day: All Pokémon Eggs pokemon-go-egg-2016

During the Pokémon GO Riolu Hatch Day event, several other Pokémon also get an increased hatch rate from eggs. Much like Shiny Riolu, there’s also a chance to encounter another Shiny Pokémon. Here are all the Pokemon that experience increased hatch rates during the Hatch Day event:


Bright Availability


Bright Available


Bright Available


Bright Available


Bright Available


Bright Available


bright unavailable


Bright Available


bright unavailable

Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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