Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Frogadier And Shiny Greninja

With the Froakie Community Day getting closer, players wonder if the event will increase their chances of getting shiny Frogadier and shiny Greninja – two of the most in-demand Pokemon in the entire Pokemon GO roster. Community Days are designed to highlight individual Pokemon, granting them a higher spawn rate and ensuring they are easier to catch for trainers. These events also come with other benefits and bonuses.

This guide explains the upcoming Froakie Community Day event details and offers best practices for evolving the adorable Froakie into shiny versions of Frogadier and Greninja.

How to Get Shiny Frogadier image showing how to get shiny frogadier in pokemon go.

In Pokemon GO, players will need to evolve a shiny Froakie to get a shiny Frogadier. The evolution will cost 25 Froakie Candies and can be done with no prerequisites. As with other evolved forms, base or shiny Frogadier can’t be encountered in the wild, and players have no other way to catch it other than evolutions.

During the August 13 Community Day, Frogadier will be available at 4-Star Raids with a guaranteed encounter for winning players. However, this particular Raid Boss won’t be shiny.

How to Get Shiny Greninja image showing how to get shiny greninja in pokemon go.

Since Greninja is not a wild spawn in Pokemon GO, the chances of catching a shiny one are zero. The only failsafe way to get a shiny Greninja is by evolving a shiny Frogadier using 100 Candies. Alternatively, players might also get a Greninja encounter in Raids, but those are rarely shiny.

Color-wise, a shiny Greninja is black with a red muffler around the neck. Its base form, however, is blueish with pink accessory.

Best Strategy for Getting Shiny Frogadier and Shiny Greninja Pokemon GO Froakie August 2023 Community Day

August’s Froakie Community Day is the ideal period to find both shiny Frogadier and shiny Greninja. During this event, the shiny Froakie rates will increase to 1 in 25, giving players the maximum chance of catching this rare creature.

While wild Froakie can be shiny, it’s one of the rarest spawns in Pokemon Go. Players are therefore advised to make the most of the upcoming Community Day, as it’ll allow them to stock up on shines for Frogadier and Greninja evolutions.

How to Maximize the Chances of Catching Shiny Froakie Pokemon-Go-Froakie

Beating the Frogadier in August’s special 4-Star Raid will increase Froakie spawns for extra 30 minutes. As for the good news, the shiny rate for this extended period will be the same as Community Day (1 in 25), helping players get additional rare encounters.

Participating in August’s Special Research, A Bubbly Disposition, is also a good idea because it will reward players with even more Froakie encounters.

A Bubbly Disposition is a paid mission that players can unlock for $1.00.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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