Pokemon GO: Yungoos Spotlight Hour Guide (Can Yungoos Be Shiny?)

Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour is here, bringing the monsters of the Alola region to the game. Yungoos, a Normal-type Pokémon, will be available during the Spotlight Hour, and players can catch multiple Yungoos during the hour window. The monster has 122 Attack, 56 Defense, and 134 Resistance stats, and its best moveset includes Tackle and Hyper Fang.

Players are always looking for new and different Pokémon in the game. Shiny collectors are also trying to fill their Pokédex with as many Shiny monsters as possible. Refers to Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour attendees wondering if they can catch a Shiny Yungoos; some good news awaits you. This guide discusses everything you need to know about Spotlight Hour Yungoos and how to catch a Yungoos and Shiny Yungoos with proper strategy.

Pokémon GO: Yungoos Spotlight Hour and bonuses Yungoos Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO

The Yungoos Spotlight Hour starts on Tuesday, July 25 at 6:00 pm local time and ends at 7:00 pm local time on the same day. Yungoos will spawn more during the event and players will receive 2X Transfer Candy for catching them.

Yungoos is a Normal-type monster that resists Ghost-type moves and is weak to Fighting-type attacks in Pokemon GO. The monster has an average stat spread, but enthusiasts can evolve it into a mighty Gumshoos using 50 Candies, serving as a great addition to their Pokédex.

Pokemon GO: Yungoos can be shiny? Shiny Yungoos in Pokémon GO

During Spotlight Hour, Yungoos spawn faster in the wild than normal. Shiny Yungoos are available to catch, and Pokemon GO players need to find multiple Yungoos to increase their chances of finding their Shiny variant. Encounters with a Shiny Pokémon depend on the original variant’s spawn rate; therefore, the required Shiny rate must be achieved.

Enthusiasts determined to catch a Shiny can use various Pokemon GO in-game items and features. Game features such as Weather Boost and other items directly affect the Pokémon spawn rate. In the case of Yungoos, Partly Cloudy Weather increases their spawn rate, so players need to camp in areas with specific weather conditions.

Players can attach a Pokemon GO Lure Module at Gyms and PokeStops to increase their chances of encountering a Shiny. Also, activating an Incense and crossing over can significantly increase the Pokémon spawn rate. One can buy these items through PokeCoins in the in-game store.

Trainers can also stack the effects of these items and game functions if used simultaneously. During Spotlight Hour, attach a Lure Module to a Pokemon GO PokeStop or Gym in rainy weather conditions, activate an Incense, and walk around the area. This strategy stacks its effects and dramatically increases the spawn rate of Yungoos, helping players reach Shiny’s spawn rate quickly. However, the game does not guarantee a Shiny encounter, but using this strategy can increase the odds.

Pokemon GO is available to play on Android and iOS devices.

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