A Pokémon Scarlet Pokédex hints at future Pokémon legends

Highlights Fans have speculated that Game Freak’s next project could be a new Pokémon Legends game, supported by rumors and a Pokédex entry for Pokémon Scarlet. Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ unique approach to starter Pokemon could be adopted in a potential sequel, with regional forms being introduced. The Pokedex entry for Quaxly in Scarlet suggests it is not native to the region, potentially hinting at its role in a future Pokémon Legends game set in Unova.

While fans are hoping Game Freak will consider releasing a sequel to their star Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a specific Pokemon Scarlet Pokedex entry could be a sign that the follow-up has already been planned. After the well-known Riddler Khu resurfaced with rumors about the next Pokemon game, gamers are convinced that Game Freak’s next project could be a new Pokemon Legends game, as long as it continues to outsource its remakes to third-party developers. While this remains speculation until the Scarlet and Violet DLC is completed, there could already be hints that a second Pokemon Legends game is coming.

Among the key details and differences that made Legends: Arceus so memorable for players was its unique approach to its starter Pokémon. Rather than introducing all new Pokémon as a main game, Legends: Arceus reused starter Pokémon from previous generations, although their final evolutions were revealed to be regional forms. Players are hoping that a new Pokemon Legends will adopt the lessons of its predecessor, as it takes a similar approach to its own starter Pokemon and its regional evolutions. But in the midst of these theories, it was Quaxly’s Pokédex entry in Scarlet that seems to confirm its role in Pokémon Legends.

Pokémon Scarlet confirms that Quaxly is not native to Paldea Pokémon Beakless Quaxly

Since players probably don’t check the Pokedex entry for the starter Pokemon, it wouldn’t be unusual if some fans missed out on Quaxly’s entry in Scarlet. He claims that, unlike Sprigatito and Fuecoco, Quaxly is not actually native to the region, as he “migrated to Paldea from distant lands a long time ago”. Normally, a Pokedex entry like this might never have been given a second thought, but now with the context of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it’s undeniable that Quaxly’s origins residing in another region of the past line up perfectly with the potential of a new Pokemon Legends game.

Its status as a starter Pokémon would already qualify it to appear in Pokémon Legends, but Quaxly and the Pokédex entries for its evolutions indicate that the Pokémon line has undergone extensive travel across Pokémon regions. Quaxwell’s Violet Pokedex entry specifically mentions its regional history and both Scarlet and Violet’s Quaquaval entries reference distant regions reflected in its dancing. With Quaxly’s lineage straight from other unnamed regions, it looks like Game Freak has already set the stage for Quaxly’s return as the next Water-type starter Pokemon in Pokemon Legends.

How and where Quaxly might appear in a new Pokemon Legends Pokémon Legends Piplup Quaxly

Since Pokemon Legends: Arceus was released right after the Gen 4 remakes, many fans believe that the next Pokemon Legends game will explore Unova. Not only does the Unova region have a rich history that Pokemon Legends could delve deep into thanks to Black and White and its sequels, but Quaxly already seems like an ideal fit for such a region. When it was introduced, Unova was touted as one of the most remote and populated regions of Pokémon, which aligns with previous Pokédex entries about the Quaxly line’s regional immersion for people and Pokémon.

Given that Unova has key locations for Pokémon Legends to use, from the ports of Driftveil to an Unovan City settlement in Castelia, Quaxly could easily be presented as a rebellious starter Pokémon eager to travel. Meanwhile, a regional variant of Quaquaval could retain the Quaxly line’s connections to fashion, dance and fighting while exploring Unova’s New York influences and its theater and dance background, with Quaquaval possibly becoming a Water/Dark or Water/Fairy combination. There may even be inspiration from Gen 5’s own Meloetta and its two forms, with Quaquaval also swapping its Fighting typing for a Psychic typing.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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