Pokemon Fan Designs Mega Evolution for Toxicroak

A talented Pokemon fan created a Mega Evolution for Toxicroak that gives the Pokemon a new makeover. Pokemon fans are famous for their creativity that turns into various fan art. The results often make Pokemon fans imagine what these variants would look like being added to the games or anime.

There are some Pokemon based on frogs, and among them is Toxicroak. Introduced in Gen 4, Toxicroak is the evolution of Croagunk, which evolves starting at level 37. Toxicroak is a Poison/Fighting-type with eye-catching colors, which stands out for having a sinister and intimidating look, with snake-like pupils.

Toxicroak is a Pokemon that can be cruel and scary or somewhat peaceful, seen relaxing on rocks and in marshes. Another detail of its appearance is the red vocal sac under its chin, which is used to store poison. Toxicroak can use this poison to knock out an opponent or even prove fatal.

Reddit user inkDOTexe shared their fan art showing what it would look like if Toxicorak had a mega evolution. The Pokemon franchise is always creating new mechanics, and even though it was introduced 10 years ago, Pokemon’s Mega Evolution still inspires fan art. Mega Toxicroak has the same colors and base design as the original form, with key differences.

The fan art puts stingers on the feet to go with the stingers on the hands, and the vocal sac is under the chin, but now it’s as if it ends on the Pokemon’s back. Mega Toxicroak also has a sort of stylish topknot and bandages across its body, giving the Pokemon an air that might remind older fans of Strider Hiryu, Capcom’s iconic character. Click here to see the post on Reddit.

Toxicroak Mega fan art

InkDOTexe’s post already has over 3,000 upvotes and dozens of comments praising the fan art. One user said they would love to see a version of the Three Musketeers but with three mega-evolved ninja frog Pokemon.

Another user said they would have liked to see the Mega Evolution mechanic not abandoned so soon. Several users also remembered Ash-Greninja, also known as Battle Bond Greninja. This ability makes one of Ash’s best Pokemon even more ninja-like, in an almost Ryu Hayabusa look.

InkDOTexe’s fan art combines Pokemon with ninjas, two very popular things in pop culture. The user captures attention by getting the original Pokemon colors and designs right while creating a look that feels natural for Toxicroak. The result is a Mega Toxicroak that would be a good candidate for entry into Pokken Tournament DX, which interestingly has Croagunk on the roster.

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