Pokemon Fan Creates New Form for Lugia


Artistically talented Pokemon fan gains online attention for their impressive concept art of a Paradox form of Lugia, drawing inspiration from unlikely sources. Lugia, a dual-type Psychic/Flying Legendary Pokemon, is known as the Diving Pokemon and is the master of the legendary birds. This new design makes Lugia even more powerful and intimidating. The fan’s artwork, called “Forgotten Abyss,” features a dark translucent skin, jagged fins, and an ice-covered head, evoking fear and receiving praise from other Pokemon fans. Other fan creations range from realistic to crocheted plush toys.

An artistically talented and creative Pokemon fan is quickly gaining online attention for their impressive concept art of a Paradox form for the classic legendary Pokemon, Lugia. The fan-made artwork draws inspiration from a variety of unlikely places, resulting in an intimidating monster that hundreds of other Pokemon fans seem to be loving.

Introduced as part of Pokemon’s 2nd generation, Lugia is a dual-type Psychic/Flying Legendary Pokemon, despite being heavily related to the sea and known as the Diving Pokemon. Lugia makes up one half of the Tower duo along with Ho-Oh from the Johto region, and is actually the trio master of the legendary birds, which is made up of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. This particular Lugia, however, looks capable of commanding creatures even more powerful.

The impressive artwork in question comes from a Reddit user with the handle of feveretro, who posted their piece to one of the site’s major Pokemon forums. Fittingly called Forgotten Abyss, the Paradox form Lugia features a largely similar body structure, but with many ghastly features. The creature features dark translucent skin with a sharp, jagged fin across its back, allowing an icy skeleton to peek through. Lugia’s hand-like wings have also become more pronounced and jagged, along with an ice-covered head full of aggressive, sharp angles. With glowing orange eyes and a black fire tail, feveretro has created quite the imposing Pokemon.

Plenty of other Pokemon fans are appreciative of the work, with the post receiving nearly 500 upvotes at the time of writing, along with a healthy comment section filled with praises. The artist stated they drew inspiration from black icebergs, arrowheads, and creatures like an Elasmosaurus, which is a toothy plesiosaur. It’s hardly the first time a Pokemon fan has created an ancient variant of the character, with another fan recently making headlines for their ancient Paradox form of Lugia. Interestingly, the fan also used plesiosaurs as their source of inspiration for their artwork.

With such an intimidating design, and being called “Forgotten Abyss, the time-lost ancient horror,” the artist’s creation successfully evokes fear from people, as the post’s comments prove. However, another Pokemon fan has recently come up with a realistic version of Lugia which fans are finding similarly terrifying. The fan art depicts a much more detailed and textured version of the Pokemon erupting out of the ocean during stormy weather, and while closer to the original design than the one above, has a similarly menacing vibe.

While some recent fan art has depicted Lugia in a rather fear-inducing light, other Pokemon fans have created things on the other end of the spectrum. One fan recently crocheted a huge Lugia plush, illustrating the vastly different types of fan art that Pokemon fans can come up with.

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