Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC's Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti Types Explained

Highlights Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced new critters with unique type combinations, making them powerful in battle. The DLC expansions may reveal the type combinations for Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti. The Teal Mask DLC will feature the Legendary Pokemon Ogerpon and other creatures. The Pokemon Presents hinted at Ogerpon’s typing and the new evolution for Applin revealed its Grass/Dragon type. The Loyal Three in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet share the Toxic Chain Ability, leading fans to speculate that they all have Poison as one of their types. The trailer showed Munkidori using a Psychic-type move, Okidogi using a Fighting-type move, and Fezandipiti using a Fairy-type move. It is likely that Munkidori is Psychic/Poison, Okidogi is Fighting/Poison, and Fezandipiti is Fairy/Poison.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced quite a high number of new critters, with them being a mix of regular pocket monsters found in Paldea, regional forms, the so-called “regional fakes,” and the all-new Paradox Pokemon. Some of these creatures were incredible when it comes to type combos in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, either because they were the first to have a certain assortment of types that had never been present in the series or because their type combination and kit made them powerful in battle. With two DLC expansions on the way, both set to add new Pokemon to the Gen 9 roster, fans may be interested in learning about their possible type combinations – and those for the “Loyal Three” Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti may have been revealed in the latest Pokemon Presents.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s The Teal Mask is the first DLC to come out, with its release date now scheduled for September 13, and it’s going to feature the Legendary Pokemon Ogerpon as well as other creatures. The Pokemon Presents likely hinted at Ogerpon’s typing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with the showcase of the Ogre Oustin’ mini-game, and the new evolution for Applin got its own page on the official website complete with its Grass/Dragon type. The Pokemon Company is still tight-lipped when it comes to Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti, but the moves they used in the trailer could give away their types.

What Type Combinations Will The Teal Mask’s Loyal Three Have in Scarlet and Violet? pokemon-the-teal-mask-dlc-release-date-prediction-june-2023

For starters, it’s been known for a while now that the Loyal Three will all share a unique Ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet called Toxic Chain, which is already stirring some controversies among fans. Toxic Chain allows its wielder to have a chance to badly poison its target whenever it uses any moves, even if the said move doesn’t make contact, which can be quite powerful in competitive battles.

A renowned Pokemon leaker by the name of Riddler Khu shared a post on social media asking fans whether they would like to know the Loyal Three’s secondary type soon after this piece of information was revealed. This led the community to infer that Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti all share Poison as one of their types, which makes perfect sense considering the Toxic Chain Ability. With the latest Pokemon Presents, fans got another glimpse at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Kitakami and the creatures inhabiting it, even showing more about the Loyal Three – including some battle animations.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Munkidori is seen using what appears to be a Psychic-type move, with the animation being very similar to that of Hypnosis and Psychic. Okidogi is more of a muscular critter, but its green coloring made fans wonder whether it could be a Grass-type; however, the dog-like Pokemon is seen using what seems to be a Fighting-type move, even though it’s hard to tell which one exactly. From the short animation, it seems likely that Okidogi is using Circle Throw, Focus Punch, Mach Punch, or Reversal, although it could even be a different move.

Lastly, Fezandipiti is the one whose move is more easily recognizable, as it is most likely the animation for Moonblast, a Fairy-type move. Soon after the Pokemon Presents, Riddler Khu came back with another post, this time showing a still of the Loyal Three performing these moves, which is most probably a way to tell fans that those are the creatures’ secondary types. If this is the case, then Munkidori will be Psychic/Poison, Okidogi will be Fighting/Poison, and Fezandipiti will be Fairy/Poison. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Kieran and Carmine are expected to play a role in the story, but it’s unknown if they will have any links to the Loyal Three.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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