Pokemon Sleep: All Skills and Sub Skills

In Pokemon Sleep, skills and sub-skills are unique abilities that enhance a Helper’s performance. Each Pokemon comes with one random main skill, but sub-skills unlock gradually as the Pokemon levels up. Although abilities have always been a prominent aspect of the franchise, Pokemon Sleep’s approach to introducing and using them is fresh and exciting.

To simplify all the new skill-based mechanics, this guide provides a comprehensive list of all the main and sub-abilities in the game, along with tips for unlocking them faster in Pokemon Sleep.

List of All Main Skills in Pokemon Sleep image showing some skills and sub skills in pokemon sleep.

The best skills in Pokemon Sleep are Energy for Everyone, Extra Helpful, and Dream Shard Magnet. These abilities improve Helper by making it faster and more energetic while mining extra Dream Shards for the player. The following is a complete list of all main skills in Pokemon Sleep:

Main Skill


Energy for Everyone S

Returns five Energy to the team

Charge Energy S

Returns 12 Energy to the Pokemon

Energizing Cheer S

Returns 12 Energy to a random Helper

Charge Strength S

Gives 400 Strength to the Snorlax

Charge Strength M

Gives 880 Strength to the Snorlax

Dream Shard Magnet S

Gets 88 extra Dream Shards

Extra Helpful S

4× extra help per session

Cooking Power-Up S

Adds seven extra ingredients to the pot

Ingredient Magnet S

Delivers six random ingredients


Gives a random main skill

List of All Sub Skills in Pokemon Sleep

Considering their effects, the best sub-skills in Pokemon Sleep are Skill Level Up M, Inventory Up L, and Dream Shard Bonus. These alternate abilities can maximize a Helper’s carry limit, boost its level-up speed, and get the player more Dream Shards. Here’s the list of all sub-skills in Pokemon Sleep.

Sub Skill


Skill Level Up S

Extra one skill level for the Helper

Skill Level Up M

Extra two skill levels for the Helper

Helping Speed S

7% faster helping speed

Helping Speed M

14% faster helping speed

Helping Bonus

5% extra help

Inventory Up S

+6 carry capacity

Inventory Up M

+12 carry capacity

Inventory Up L

+18 carry capacity

Ingredient Finder S

Likelier to find Ingredients

Ingredient Finder M

Likelier to find Ingredients

Skill Trigger S

Likelier to use the main skill

Skill Trigger M

Likelier to use the main skill

Sleep EXP Bonus

+14% sleep EXP for the team

Research EXP Bonus

+6% Research EXP per session

Dream Shard Bonus

+6% Dream Shard

Energy Recovery Bonus

1.12× faster Energy restoration

Berry Finding S

Find one extra Berry per harvest

How to Unlock Sub Skills image showing some sub-skills in pokemon sleep.

The main skill of each Pokemon is active from the beginning. However, to unlock sub-skills, players must level up Pokemon. Each creature can have five sub-skills that unlock at regular intervals of every 25 levels after level 10: at levels 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100, a new sub-skill unlocks. There are two methods for unlocking sub-skills; players can either recruit a Pokemon and let it grow or spend Dream Shards and Candies to boost its level-up process.

How Skills and Natures Differ in Pokemon Sleep image showing a nature in pokemon sleep.

In Pokemon Sleep, Natures determine the overall performance of Pokemon, while skills give them unique abilities. Like other Pokemon games, Nature affects a Helper’s stats, enhancing or relegating a specific action. However, skills—and sub-skills—always boost performance.

Pokemon Sleep is available now for Android and iOS.

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