Pokemon Sleep: How to Increase Team's RP

Pokemon Sleep has been out for almost a month, yet there are still many doubts in the players’ minds about the best ways to raise Snorlax. There are three distinct approaches that players can try to get Snorlax as strong as possible. The first and arguably the most used method in Pokemon Sleep is feeding the Pokemon lots of berries. Each Snorlax has three different types of berries that it likes, and they grant twice the strength of the other berries. Players can go to their Pokemon Box and check which Pokemon gather Snolax’s preferred berries.

The second method is to collect ingredients for dishes. Snorlax can be fed meals three times during the day, and players can either use auto-cooking or do things manually. This method is more useful if players have a bigger pot. If players have unlocked the pot upgrade from filling up the Sleep Dex Style, they should be able to choose up to 21 ingredients. The third and final way is by choosing Pokemon with the best Main and Sub Skills. One thing common to all the methods is that they depend on the Helper Pokemon that players choose for their teams. This makes it essential to select the Pokemon with the highest RP.

How to Increase RP

A Pokemon’s RP, or Research Power, reflects its ability to help Snorlax. So, a Pokemon with a higher RP will be able to gather berries and ingredients quicker. Since players can only put five Pokemon on their team, the target should be to have the ones with the highest RP.

Pokemon sleep team rp pikachu

If players have a Pokemon that they like and want to use on the team, then they have to improve their RP. It can be done in a few simple steps. Firstly, players have to select the Pokemon that have a high base RP. In the picture below, level 5 Swablu has an RP of 315, while level 4 has an RP of 370.

Pokemon sleep swablu rp difference

Secondly, players have to level up the Helper Pokemon with the help of candies. If players unlock the Main Skill or any of the Sub Skills, the RP increases significantly. Also, leveling up Pokemon reduces the time of help, so players should definitely level up their Pokemon if they have extra candies.

Another way to increase the team’s RP is by evolving Pokemon, which requires more effort than leveling them up. Certain Pokemon need candies to reach a specific level, while others require evolutionary stones. By following all the steps, players should have a high Team RP in no time.

Pokemon Sleep is now available for iOS and Android.

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