Pokemon Fan Designs Human Version of Sudowoodo

The latest piece from a talented Pokemon fan artist reimagines the strange Pokemon Sudowoodo into a human form. Part of what makes the Pokemon franchise so beloved is that it’s very easy for players to connect with the Pokemon they collect and train. Each Pokemon has its own unique identity, and its trainers reflect that in curious ways. Sudowoodo is unique even among Pokemon, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that a Pokemon fan artist decided to see what they might look as a person.

Sudowoodo is especially strange because, despite looking like a small tree or broken branch, they are not Grass-type Pokemon at all. They’re actually a Rock-type Pokemon. Game Freak has had fun with this tricky Pokemon in its games, having Sudowoodo block paths and progression. Where Pokemon players might typically use Cut to pass by a tree blocking a path, that won’t work on Sudowoodo. Players instead need to squirt Sudowoodo with water, a weakness of Rock-type Pokemon.

Perhaps inspired by Sudowoodo’s unique nature, Reddit user endifi has created an exciting piece of fan art for the Pokemon. Rather than experiment with a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet-inspired Paradox form for Sudowoodo, though, they tried something different. They made a human-form version of Sudowoodo, instead. Or perhaps a Sudowoodo trainer wanted to appear more like their Pokemon.

sudowoodo endifi art

The art itself is very well done, but not only has endifi taken inspiration from Sudowoodo, they also were inspired by traditional Korean clothing. The trainer is wearing a gat, a thin-brimmed hat through which a branch-like object can be seen “growing” from their head. They’re also wearing a hanbok with a cream-colored undershirt with broadly open sleeves, and brown-colored robe and pants. The robe is accented with gold, capturing Sudowoodo’s spots. They’re also holding clover-shaped fans with green circles, much like Sudowoodo’s hands.

It’s altogether an exceptional creation and, most impressively, looks exactly like something a Sudowoodo Pokemon trainer might wear in an official Pokemon game. The expressive, cartoonish face is perhaps what brings the art so close to the Pokemon house-style art. Or, if Game Freak wants to start making human-form Pokemon, endifi’s art is a great place to take inspiration from.

This isn’t endifi’s first human-form Pokemon art, by far. Sudowoodo is #185 in the PokeDex and endifi has made “humanification” art for all previous Pokemon in the ‘Dex so far. Their first post on their Reddit account is from three years ago and features human-form art for Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Endifi has already finished their art for Pokemon #182 Bellossom, too. Here’s to their continued exploration of the Pokemon franchise.

Source: Reddit

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