Postpone the final night of Miss World 2021 at the last minute for unexpected reasons

Postpone the final night of Miss World 2021 at the last minute for unexpected reasons

Friday, December 17, 2021 06:51 AM (GMT+7)

Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the organizers of the Miss World 2021 contest officially announced the postponement of the final night at the last minute.

Right before the final night of Miss World 2021, Miss World organizers suddenly made the decision to cancel the event due to the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, which made fans disappointed.

BTC’s decision was made after meeting with medical experts and authorities in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As expected, the final night of Miss World 2021 will be held at 6 o’clock on Friday, December 17 (Vietnam time), that is, this decision is made only 8 hours before the intended time of the organization.

According to the announcement from the Miss World organizers, in addition to President Julia Morley and incumbent Miss Toni-Ann Singh, 17 more contestants and crew tested positive for Covid-19.

Sharing on her personal page, the representative of Vietnam at Miss World 2021, Miss Do Thi Ha wrote: “After recording many Covid-19 infections from candidates and staff in the working team, Miss World recently announced the postponement of the live broadcast of Miss World 2021. The finale will be rescheduled within the next 90 days.

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Miss World assessed the risk of spreading the virus in the contestants’ changing rooms and close contact on stage as very high. Therefore, it is necessary to postpone the plan of the final night. The decision was made after urgent meetings with Puerto Rico’s government and health authorities. Ms. Julia Morley, Miss World President added: “We are very much looking forward to the return of the contestants, the girls I had the opportunity to meet and love, so that the final night of the contest takes place in a very peaceful environment. safer scene.”

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Miss Do Thi Ha at the Miss World 2021 contest.

Candidates and medical staff who test positive for Covid-19 will be treated and isolated until completely healthy and eligible to board the plane to return home.

We’ve had some great times together, this journey isn’t over, it’s just stopped. I wish my girls a safe and healthy return home. I love you guys, I love Miss World.”

Immediately after the final night was canceled, Miss Do Thi Ha livestreamed on her personal page to answer questions from fans from her hometown.

She said: “It’s also a bit sad because of the 1-year long journey of preparation and now only 1 night to shine for my achievements to be recognized, but not as expected. However, thinking about it again and again, the candidate’s health birth is still the most important. If the finale is still held, the number of infected contestants will increase a lot. Especially in the dressing room, make-up room and on stage. I accept to return home.”

In addition, Miss Do Thi Ha also revealed that she had a sore throat these days, so she was a little worried. “Miss Bahamas was ill for two days today but both days gave negative results and on the third day the results were positive, but these two days Ha has been in contact with her partner quite a lot, while standing at the same time. next to each other, so they often tease and hug each other “- Do Thi Ha said.

Previously, the organizers confirmed that 7 contestants had to be isolated for suspected COVID-19 after Miss Indonesia Pricilia Carla Yules was announced positive. It is known that among these 7 contestants, 3 are from Africa, 2 from Asia and 2 from Latin.

Before this situation, the BTC had considered the plan to record in advance to serve the final night, however, after the increasingly stressful epidemic situation, BTC made the decision to cancel to ensure the safety of the participants. Candidates.


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