PulseBand A6 Smart Wearable And Fitness Tracker

Vidonn Smartband has unveiled a new wrist worn smart wearable device called the PulseBand A6 which has been created to provide the “ultimate” smartband for an affordable price.
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The PulseBand A6 features and advanced heart rate monitor and a waterproof design that keeps the large OLED screen protected from splashes and water damage. Features of the PulseBand A6 include the ability to link to your smartphone device providing full message and caller ID notifications.

As well as being able to provide updates from a wide variety of applications including social media apps from Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp to name a few. Watch the video below to learn more about the design and functionality of the PulseBand A6, which has launched on Kickstarter this week with the aim of raising $30,000 over the next 30 days with pledges starting from $45.
Vidonn the developers of the smart wearable device explain a little more about their creation :

– Equipped with one of the most advanced optical Heart Rate monitor module and algorithm on the market, PulseBand now monitors your heart rate right on your wrist to accurately track workout intensity, maximize training and optimize your health by providing both real-time readings and historical trend of your heart rate.

– Collect real time data all day, complete with the new heart rate and an upgraded motion algorithm, to deliver the collect and compete with your friends, motivating you and others to push your goals.

– Integrated within the PulseBand A6, wirelessly sync your smartphone automatically and enhance your experience with the Vidonn app.

– Complete with full track records, chart displays, and target motivations encouraging you to compete and increase your score.
Idle Alerts for reminding you to move after customized period of time when you sit still and do not move.

– Personalized display fonts ensure that your PulseBand A6 experience is unique, while the innovative battery and magnetic fast charging system guarantees long-lasting performance and super fast charging speeds. Get fully charged from empty in less than an hour.

– Continues to work even when you aren’t, monitoring your sleep cycles and patterns and delivering comprehensive results on your sleep quality.

Visit Kickstarter for more details and full specifications via the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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