Que Van’s charming fashion style

Que Van’s charming fashion style

Thursday, September 30, 2021 03:41 AM (GMT+7)

Although she just gave birth to a son, Que Van quickly regained her slim figure, confidently promoting many sexy fashions.

Que Van's charming fashion style - 1

Despite having just given birth, Que Van still has a slim body. She constantly shows off her figure in many different outfits from lingerie, bra split or swimwear. The balanced figure of the mother of 3 makes many people dream. Only 26 days after giving birth, the beauty born in 1982 showed off the results of regaining her shape on her personal page as promised.

Que Van's charming fashion style - 3

Que Van turned to tiktok to show off her full circle, toned waist with the use of a scarf to make a shirt. In the short video she shared, viewers can feel the positive energy in a nursing mother. The way to use a scarf to make a shirt is a fashion trend that many people love, and the liberal beauty is the spirit expressed through this style.

Que Van's charming fashion style - 4

Although she was just born, her body is still balanced, which is the secret for Que Van to confidently wear a two-piece swimsuit. Her bubbly beauty received countless compliments from fans. Quickly regaining shape helps Que Van become the sexy mother of Vietnamese showbiz.

Que Van's charming fashion style - 5

Postpartum women, often have many problems with stretch marks or sagging waistline, but Que Van seems to be less affected. Therefore, wearing a 2-piece swimsuit, she still has the perfect beauty from even skin tone, 3 balanced rings. It can be said that Que Van has quite a few defects in her body after giving birth, which is also the desire of many women.

Que Van's charming fashion style - 6

At home, taking care of her children, but Que Van still enthusiastically takes pictures to post on social networks and interacts with people. She has experienced, self-identified as a person who is afraid of bad, so she does not allow herself to be bad. Whether in her spare time or when she became a mother, Que Van always believed that a woman must be beautiful. So, even though U40 years old, Que Van is always as beautiful and radiant as in her twenties.

Que Van's charming fashion style - 7

After giving birth, the mother’s first bust is fuller, so Que Van prefers to choose designs that show off this body point. She combined a tone-on denim bra with a short-sleeved shirt outside, creating a harmonious whole.

Que Van's charming fashion style - 8

Que Van’s liberal fashion and personality became a topic of interest from netizens. With a matching outfit from shirt to pants or lingerie to help the beauty stand out more. The Louis Vuitton bag becomes the highlight of the outfit.

Que Van's charming fashion style - 9

In addition to the above-mentioned costumes, training clothes are also the designs that Que Van often chooses to wear. Many women think that body-contouring clothes such as workout clothes and tight dresses will be a reason to remind women to always be aware of keeping fit and losing weight. Que Van’s sportswear has a cut out design on the back that adds charm to the mother of 3.

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The beauty of Hanoi makes a lot of noise because of the open-breasted dress on the street, which is an outstanding beauty contestant

Possessing impressive body measurements: 90 – 67 – 92cm, she often shows off her figure in curvaceous designs.


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