“Queen of Hanoi gym” loves micro bikini

“Queen of Hanoi gym” loves micro bikini

Monday 9/11/2020 10:40 AM (GMT + 7)

Giang Anh prefers swimwear that resembles underwear.

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“Queen of the gym” Hana Giang Anh is one of the followers of tiny swimsuits. With many veterans, the fact that the wife wears sexy after marriage is difficult to accept. However, before the question “I think normal husband will not like his wife to wear cool. How do you convince you or do you have progressive thinking?” On a Vlog of Giang Anh, her husband again expressed his support for his wife’s hobby: “Actually, halos and shorts are also discreet”. Obviously, with a relaxed mindset, it is completely normal for a woman to freely show her hot beauty as well as her personal style.

How to wear a super mini swimwear beautiful?

To beautifully conquer a tiny swimsuit like lingerie, the first element you need is a perfect toned body. The criteria to buy swimsuits that most girls need are pants to cover the third round, a shirt with a full top, maybe 2 pieces or one piece … but must help the wearer look , showing off her advantages and hiding body parts lacking confidence.

In contrast, for girls who are too confident in their physique and swimwear, they only need to meet one criterion: to safely shield sensitive areas. This, means that swimwear is smaller and smaller, with many patterns resembling underwear.

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Cloth-saving swimsuits show Giang Anh’s full body at every angle. Years of practice with many different subjects, her toned body is always what makes every girl admire. Because of her confidence with this slim body, she is not afraid to show off in different outfits.

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Not only provocative stringed swimsuits, Giang Anh also chooses transparent laced swimsuits with skin color. At first glance, the invisible lines make the viewer mistakenly think she is not covered by a piece of cloth. Giang Anh owns a lot of unique, strange and most importantly, extremely bold swimwear.

With swimwear that is just a little fabric, the straps design in deceiving the eyes of the person looking spectacular. At the angle of the shot, people mistakenly look like they are not wearing pants. Although beautiful and extremely sexy, if you abuse this swimsuit model or choose an inappropriate appearance space, the girls will become offensive characters from netizens.

The swimwear models are quite plentiful, ranging from a few hundred to several million dong, from domestic to international brands. With swimwear strapped in, despite having a high stealth, it imprints on the skin a lot, causing pain. In addition, the clear material has a very firm grip on the skin, difficult to move compared to swimwear fabrics. In addition, going swimming will cause the skin to sunburn and the imprints from the inner straps will be the mark that you can take up to a month later, the new skin color is again.

In addition to toned body, even-colored skin is also an important factor for you to beautifully conquer the fabric-saving swimsuits. It doesn’t matter if you have brown or white skin, but the color and eye makeup will help you score in tiny swimwear. So, exfoliation and use of moisturizer for the whole body is very important that you should definitely not ignore.

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Stylist Lyskeli wears a transparent stringed swimsuit. At the angle, people mistakenly look like she’s not wearing pants. Swimwear design helps the wearer to show off the beauty of the body honestly, clearly every centimeter. Of course, to get the moment of anesthesia, they have to trade off with long-term exercise.

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The fiery body of the stylist known as the most “rebellious” in the Vietnamese fashion world has never disappointed fans. She has the breath of a stylish, liberal and oriented “playboy” towards a healthy beauty like American girls.

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With a fashion style following the trend of globalization, sometimes her way of dressing is somewhat daring, not consistent with the Vietnamese perspective. Choosing the path to build her lesser career is more difficult than gaining mass recognition.

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