Rainfall Drumming Sound on Leaf – Water Sound – Meditation – Relax – Study – Sleep – Soothing Sounds

#Rainfall #Drumming #Sound #Leaf #Water #Sound #Meditation #Relax #Study #Sleep #Soothing #Sounds

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Time to relax and chill out. Get lost in time with some heavy rain or just fall asleep with endless raindrops.

Rainfall Drumming Sound on Leaf – Water Sound – Meditation – Relax – Study – Sleep – Soothing Sounds

Welcome to Priscilla Wood YouTube channel! This channel is dedicated to relaxing music. We offer calming music, meditative and stress relief music. Our music helps babies fall asleep and enjoy deep sleep. You can enjoy relaxing piano meditation, healing piano music, and Native American meditation.

If you are looking to relax through a good deep massage our music is ideal for a spa music, music for massage enhancing a deeply spiritual experience. We also offer healing sounds like nature and water sounds, water dripping and rain sounds that include thunderstorms. For Winter we make fireplace sounds, so you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and play our fireplace music.

🌻 Relaxing music, choose one of our relaxing music videos and close your eyes. Our videos are made to enhance deep relaxation and meditative mental states. If you want to engage in trance meditation you can look at the video with the intention to enter an altered state of mind.

🌻 Music for yoga, spa music, music for massage and relaxing music. Our spa and healing music videos are offered in the long version (2 hour massage video) so you can enjoy a relaxing video while doing Yoga. If you’re offering a massage you can use these videos of healing qualities to help you accomplish that. You can use our music and music therapy.

🌻 Music to study, background white noise music. Our videos will help with concentration when studying. You can use our videos as a background music or white noise. It will help you focus your mind and finish your homework a lot faster. After you’re done with your study time you can continue to play our music to fall asleep. Enjoy deep sleep music, you will wake up refreshed.

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