Review of True Colors Wavelengths DLC

While most DLC packs expand the world around the main character, taking them to new locations, meeting new NPCs, and adding to the overarching storylines, the Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelengths DLC is a little different. . Like Before the Storm, players find themselves in control of a side character, Steph Gringrich. The story takes place when he first stumbles upon Haven Springs, about a year before Alex Chen comes to town. Steph first appeared in Chloe’s prequel chapter, Before the Storm, where the two became best friends through the magic of Dungeons and Dragons. Many players were left unsatisfied with its ending, but Wavelengths not only offers players a glimpse into Steph’s life, it also bridges the gap and fills a hole left by Before the Storm. This article contains spoilers for Life is Strange: True Colors DLC Wavelengths as well as Life is Strange and Before the Storm. As players find out in Life is Strange: True Colors, particularly if they follow Steph’s romantic path, it was never the drummer’s intention to end up in Haven Springs. But after a messy breakup that results in blocked numbers, Steph uses the small town as an opportunity to catch her breath and figure out what the next chapter in her life is. As impulsive and spontaneous as the base game seems, Wavelengths shows that he’s always looking ahead, hoping to find answers and plan his next move, even if he’s not looking long-term. Ironically, instead of finding the answers himself, he provides some insight as a pseudo-psychic on the shop’s radio station. RELATED: Life Is Strange: True Colors Doesn’t Really Have a Bad Ending Except for One Character Using the D20, Steph predicts the fate of callers seeking serious life advice, sometimes related to being queer, a woman meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or even Gabe, who’s nervous about speaking with Alex for the first time in years. But D20 can’t tell everything, and neither can Steph. In the end, after a year of working for the radio station, he canceled a little, realizing that the best part of life is unpredictable. Enter: Alex Chen. life is strange true color wavelengths Even though gamers can spot it from a mile away, it’s fitting that Wavelength will begin exactly where Life is Strange: True Colors began. But having this expected endcap serves well as a plot device because there isn’t exactly a traditional plot to Steph’s story, per se. Unlike other episodes of Life is Strange, Wavelengths is a slice-of-life take on a person’s life and the common struggles they face. Players will see sides of Steph that they haven’t seen before, such as how he handles problems—or rather, doesn’t want to deal with them—and how it affects relationships with the people around him. him, giving some insight into events in his past, both new and familiar to the player. However, unexpectedly, Wavelengths presents a new perspective on the aftermath of Chloe’s death or the destruction of Arcadia Bay, depending on which one they choose to save at the end of Life is Strange. Before the Storm leaves some unanswered questions about the people left behind in Arcadia Bay, regardless of the ending to Life is Strange. It may not answer every query fans have, but it fills in some of the gaps. In contrast to True Colors, where Alex is often entertained and accompanied by the warm souls of Haven Springs, the time spent as Steph is sad. The entire DLC takes place inside the record store and in his radio booth. He would engage in phone calls at the station, flirt with strangers on a copycat version of Tinder, and text his friends in only group chats. Often, like when she takes down her Pride Month decorations or when it comes to the anniversary of Chloe’s death, she spends her days reminiscing about good memories or even unresolved traumas. RELATED: Life is Strange: True Colors — 5 Reasons You Should Romance Steph As the seasons change, so does Steph’s mood as she floats through this moment in her life. He doesn’t seem to think it’s moving forward but he doesn’t want to look back either. If there’s a formal plot to Life is Strange’s Wavelengths DLC, it’s Steph confronting her past and learning how to move on. life is strange true color wavelengths There are only two moments where she interacts with other living people face-to-face, showing each of their importance in Steph’s life, past and future. Mikey is another returning character from Before the Storm, Steph’s good friend and Dungeons and Dragons companion. It’s been a while since the two joined forces, but Mikey convinces him to continue their campaign as his Game Master, even if it doesn’t bring skeletons out of his closet in the form of sad memories of the sessions with Chloe and Rachel. And instead of letting Steph run from her past again, he helps her face it head-on, which leads her to talk Gabe into reconnecting with Alex, the only real person who’s crossed the record store threshold said Steph. Although Life is Strange: True Colors initially treated both love interests with some equity, it seems that Deck Nine may lean towards one over the other. In the end, players will walk away with two things: some great music recommendations and the desire to play Life is Strange: True Colors again, especially if they flirted with Steph while in Alex Chen’s shoes, if nothing else to see him finally get the wholesome romance he deserves. Overall, it’s just a short slice of Steph’s life, to connect the dots between Before the Storm and Alex’s story in True Colors, but it adds some context to her grounded attitude to trauma and the decision to he eventually made to leave Haven Springs. Steph is a little out of place as a tomboy in a rural town, and still wants the thrill of the life of an indie band. Wavelengths provide the middle of Before the Storm and the end of the True Colors of Steph Gingrich saga. Life is Strange: True Colors and its DLC Wavelengths are out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Today Technology was given a PS code for this review. MORE: The Case for Life is Strange: True Colors 2

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