The 7 Rarest Game Boy Color Games (& How Much They're Worth)

The Game Boy Color was a priceless gem that changed how gamers of the time experienced portable entertainment. Just like its older brother the Game Boy, the console had its fair share of legendary handheld titles that players would remember fondly for years to come.

Many of the games available for this petite powerhouse of a console forged core memories filled with vibrant colors for players, and as the years went by, they gained a considerable amount of value. The prices of the rarest Game Boy Color games are nowhere near those of its older brother, but they’re still not exactly cheap.

All prices were taken from and were accurate at the time of publication.

6 Survival Kids ($412) Survival Kids



Complete in Box




An action-adventure game on the Game Boy Color, Survival Kids was a distinct game for its time as there weren’t that many survival games on the handheld console. The game offers engaging gameplay where the player must survive on a deserted island after a shipwreck, using whatever is viable to build shelter, forage for food, and craft tools.

The outcome of the choices the player makes will also change the ending as there are multiple endings in the game, which adds another layer to this rather unpopular title for the Game Boy Color. Despite not having a great number of followers, the ones that did like the game became a cult fan base that appreciated the title for the immersive and challenging survival experience that it offered.

5 Bomberman Quest ($547) Bomberman Quest



Complete in Box




Bomberman Quest is an action-adventure game released for the Game Boy Color in 1998. The game leaves the classical Bomberman formula behind and instead embodies a more adventure-centered play style. Playing from a top-down perspective, players embark on a journey to rescue Princess Millian and banish the evil Garaden Empire.

A distinctive feature of this title from the other classic Bomberman games is the use of bombs as a tool. The players will have to use bombs to clear out passage to new areas and uncover hidden routes. This approach proved a nice branching experience for players of the series and served the franchise as well.

4 Wendy: Every Witch Way ($553) Wendy Every Witch Way



Complete in Box




Released for the console in 2001, Wendy: Every Witch Way is a lighthearted puzzle platformer that may not be as well-known as some other titles for the system. However, it is a joy to play nonetheless. In the game, players control Wendy from the widely popular series Casper the Friendly Ghost and navigate through many diverse levels solving puzzles and dealing with enemies.

Despite being a rather underappreciated title for the console, the game offered players a fun journey, and it is known for its use of the well-known character from Harvey Comics. After years went by and the trend for collecting retro games came with the wind behind it, this cute game earned its place among the rarest Game Boy Color games.

3 Pokemon Crystal ($597) Pokemon Crystal



Complete in Box




Pokemon Crystal was released in Europe in 2001 and it brought with it a groundbreaking advancement to the series. At this point of time in the Pokemon series, the game started to ask the gender of the player and offer a corresponding main character, which could be considered a big step toward character customization.

The game also introduced a day and night cycle, which affected the availability of certain events; and animated sprites for Pokemon battles, which led to dynamism in the encounters. With all of its additions to the series, Pokemon Crystal is regarded as a classic game of the console, and a pivot point for the Pokemon series.

2 Resident Evil Gaiden ($709) Resident Evil Gaiden GameBoy Color



Complete in Box




Resident Evil Gaiden is a survival horror game from a series that continues to terrify players even after more than two decades. The game offered a new take on survival horror games of the time, with a unique shooting mechanic that surely took a good amount of getting used to.

Although it received mixed reviews for leaving the original play style of the Resident Evil series behind, the game tried something new to bring the survival horror genre to the Game Boy Color. It retains its value as a notable and unique entry in the Resident Evil franchise and is appreciated by collectors and retro gamers.

1 Shantae ($2,500) Shantae GameBoy Color



Complete in Box




Shantae was one of the last games to be released for the Game Boy Color. Released in 2002 by Capcom, it was regarded as a hidden game on the console. In this upbeat 2D platformer adventure game, players take on the role of Shantae, a half-genie hero, and go on a quest to stop the infamous pirate Risky Boots from taking over Sequin Land.

The game did not achieve astounding success at the time of publication, but as the years passed by, the gaming community realized the value it had, and ultimately it was regarded as one of the most iconic games for the handheld. The scarcity of the game and the nostalgic value it holds make it the most expensive Game Boy Color game, with a Complete in Box price of around two and a half grand.

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