Red Dead Redemption: Deadly Assassin Outfit Guide

Red Dead Redemption is now available to play on all current consoles. While some fans have expressed disappointment that the re-release is not a significant remaster, the game is still doing well in sales. Players can take control of John Marston in his journey for redemption for the first time on the Nintendo Switch. The new PS4 version is supported through backwards compatibility on the PS5. Xbox gamers can buy the Xbox 360 as part of a bundle with the sequel.

In the game, there are many outfits that John Marston can wear with unique bonus effects. The Deadly Assassin is one of the earliest outfits players can unlock. It features a unique eyepatch and doubles the speed of deadeye regeneration. It’s also one of the easiest outfits in Red Dead Redemption that players can unlock.

Scrap #1 – Search Coot’s Chapel red-dead-redemption-scrap-one

The Deadly Assassin outfit can be seen in John’s journal as soon as the game starts. Viewing the journal entry will reveal the tasks required.

Players can hit the indicated button to track the general location of each task.


The first scrap is located at Coot’s Chapel to the southeast of Armadillo.


Head inside and open the chest to the right to receive it.

Scrap #2 – Complete Twin Rocks Hideout red-dead-redemption-scrap-two

Players need to complete the Twin Rocks Hideout to receive the second scrap. Twin Rocks is located to the northwest of Armadillo.


Ride there to find a farmer taking cover. Speak to him and help clear out the bandits in the area. Use deadeye to prevent his daughter from being killed to receive bonus honor. Even if she dies the hideout will still be cleared.

Scrap #3 – Capture or Kill Mo Van Barr

Mo Van Barr is one of the earliest bounty targets John can receive. His wanted poster will appear on the Armadillo train station after the player has completed “Wild Horses, Tamed Passions” and met Armadillo’s marshal.


Once the bounty has been accepted, Van Barr will be located at the Hanging Rock to the north of Armadillo. Capturing him alive will net the player double the reward, but it isn’t necessary for the third scrap.

Scrap #4 – Win a Duel in Armadillo red-dead-redemption-duel

John needs to win a duel for the fourth scrap. Players can get caught cheating at poker in the Armadillo saloon if they’ve unlocked the Elegant Suit to initiate a duel. If not, there will sometimes be a man at the center of town who will challenge John. The higher Marston’s fame is, the more likely the man is to be there.

Scrap #5 – Complete “American Appetites” Stranger Task red-dead-redemption-american-appetites-part-one

This stranger task involves investigating a series of disappearances in Armadillo. This is a three-part task and all the strangers will be located at the Marshal’s office. Each part requires certain missions to be completed before they can start.

Part 1: “Political Realities in Armadillo” – Leigh Johnson Mission Part 2: “Justice in Pikes Basin” – Leigh Johnson Mission Part 3: “Wild Horses, Tamed Passions” – Bonnie MacFarlane Mission

Investigate the area each time until John finds a man who has been attacked. Make the final choice to receive the last scrap. With all the pieces obtained, the Deadly Assassin outfit can be equipped at any safehouse.

Red Dead Redemption is out now for PS3, PS4, Switch, and Xbox 360.

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