Red Dead Redemption Player Shares Hilarious Hovering Horse Glitch


A Red Dead Redemption player shared a hilarious glitch in which their horse was stuck in a bucking position and appeared to hover and spin while being ridden. The glitch, although bizarre, doesn’t seem to have a major impact on gameplay and hasn’t been a common issue for players. Fans found the glitch amusing, comparing the horse to GTA Online’s flying bike and joking about stick drift on the Switch version.

A Red Dead Redemption player shared the experience of their horse glitching out in a hilarious way with other fans. The glitch is bizarre, but it’s certainly generated a lot of amusement in the Red Dead Redemption fanbase.

Red Dead Redemption recently launched for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, squashing hopes for a proper Red Dead Redemption remaster that many fans still wanted. While many were pleased that the game would finally be migrating to a couple of more modern gaming systems, others were worried that fans would see a repeat of the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition’s launch, which suffered from performance problems, poor visuals, and gameplay issues. Thankfully, Red Dead Redemption’s port seems to have avoided most of these problems, but it’s not completely without bugs.

Despite recent Red Dead Redemption review bombing, it seems that the game is performing pretty well for most players. However, hornet2173 shared a brief video of their horse behaving in an extremely bizarre way. The horse in question is being ridden by the player, and seems to be stuck in a bucking position, with only its front feet ever coming into contact with the ground. Initially, the horse’s back feet are still performing a running animation, albeit at a low frame rate, but that action quickly comes to a stop and all that’s left is a hovering horse making its way through the rugged west.

Further adding to the hilarity, the horse spins in mid-air while the player tries to maneuver, with John Marston effectively flying backwards on the horse at points in the clip. Fans seem to be quite amused by the scene, going so far as to compare the horse to GTA Online’s flying bike, referring to the horse as the Oppressor MK 3. As this clip game from the Switch version, others joked that the horse had stick drift. Thankfully, the consensus among users seems to be that the game isn’t particularly bug-prone, with some stating that this was the first real issue they’d seen so far.

It’s not clear what triggered this particular glitch. Hornet2173 stated that they didn’t have any idea what led to it, as they were simply riding their horse over a hill and it began to behave this way. While any player struck with this glitch might feel a bit discombobulated by the horse swiveling in mid-air, it doesn’t seem to have a major impact on gameplay, as the horse still moves at a decent speed despite its ridiculous appearance. It will be interesting to see if more glitches like this emerge as players explore the game, or if others suddenly find their Red Dead Redemption horses have transformed into spinning hovercraft.

Red Dead Redemption is available now for Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360.

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