Remnant 2: Best Utility Perks, Ranked

Highlights Utility perks in Remnant 2 may not be as immediately impactful as other perks, but they still provide small enhancements and tweaks that make characters easier to use once upgraded. Each archetype has utility perks that complement their strengths and playstyles, providing certain stat buffs and quality of life improvements. These perks are essential for certain builds, such as acquiring rare resources, increasing reload speed, lifesteal, reducing evasion costs, improving mobility with heavy weapons, and enhancing the Medic’s defense.

In Remnant 2, utility perks may not seem very impactful initially, especially considering many of the other Archetype perks will prove to be much more valuable in-game, but they still shouldn’t be ignored as they can provide small enhancements and tweaks that can allow a character to be much easier to use, especially once they are upgraded upon reaching level 8 with a specific Archetype.

These perks are primarily designed to cooperate with the other traits and skills in the character’s arsenal, so they could essentially be described as “quality of life” improvements that play to each Archetype’s individual strengths. As a result, a few Utility Perks are fairly inconsequential and unnoticeable, but some others can provide certain stat buffs, which are a little more essential for a class to be at its very best.

7 Prospector – Explorer The Explorer In Remnant 2 ​​​​​​​ Ability: Relic Fragments discovered by the Explorer drop at a higher quality. Upgrade: When picking up a gem, the Explorer has a 5% chance of picking up a second one of the same type-quality.

The Explorer Archetype is all about acquiring as many rare resources and items as possible, and the Prospector perk really leans into this playstyle by allowing the Explorer to pick up Relic Fragments that will be of a much higher quality than they normally would be. Relic Fragments are essentially replacements for the armor upgrades found in the first game which provide passive buffs that can drastically change the way a character is played.

They are especially important because they are seen as vital components needed for making certain builds. For example, if the Explorer wanted to make their Fortune Hunter skill last longer so they can explore their surroundings more thoroughly, they can do so by finding a corresponding Relic Fragment which grants them that specific enhancement, and this is just one of many examples of how they can impact a character.

6 Quick Hands – Gunslinger Gunslinger Aiming His Revolver Ability: Firearms gain 10% reload speed. Upgrade: Firearms gain 10% reload speed. Bonus is doubled if the magazine is empty.

While it might seem like a pretty uninteresting buff, Quick Hands is actually incredibly useful for the Gunslinger, who often finds himself needing to reload more than actually firing his guns since he is one of the most devastating classes in the game when it comes to sheer damage output.

It becomes especially useful at higher levels when the Gunslinger is going to be firing his revolver with an extra 15% fire rate, which can empty the chamber extremely quickly, but this only works in Quick Hands’ favor since the bonus effect will be doubled upon reloading when no bullets are remaining, so shooting as much as possible is the aim of the game here.

5 Outrage – Summoner Summoner And His Minions Ability: Sacrifice grants 3% lifesteal for each minion sacrificed, lasts 10 seconds. Upgrade: Sacrifice grants 3% lifesteal for each minion sacrificed, and increases movement by 10%, lasts 10 seconds.

If the player is skilled enough at commanding their minions while playing as a Summoner, they will be able to cause a whole lot of carnage in combat before jumping out and restoring their lost HP thanks to the Outrage perk, which can definitely be tricky to get used to at first but can become a real lifeline for many situations.

Rather than sacrificing the minion right away to receive the lifesteal, it’s better to enrage the minions so that they can deal as much damage as possible before then holding down the skill button, which will sacrifice them, causing a giant explosion that can clear out small enemy groups instantly. The extra movement speed on the upgraded version is also a very generous buff that works to the Summoner’s strengths of commanding the battlefield while staying out of danger themselves.

4 Circumvent – Invader Invader Archetype Ability: Reduce cost of evade and combat slide by 10%. Upgrade: Reduce cost of evade and combat slide by 15%, perfect dodges also gain an additional 15% reduction.

The Invader plays as somewhat of an assassin in Remnant 2, distracting enemies with a decoy before sneaking up on them and taking them out when they least expect it. Naturally, a lot of their kit relies on being as fast as possible so that they can flank enemies without being detected.

All Archetypes are limited by how much they can slide and roll around the battlefield since it’s a fairly easy way to avoid enemy projectiles and attacks, especially when up against larger monsters like the Root Axeman and Infector, so having this buff greatly improves the Invader’s chances of surviving an encounter, and in turn, means they can assist the team by drawing fire away while staying alive themselves.

3 Heavy Mobility – Engineer Engineer Using A Heavy Weapon Manually Ability: Movement while carrying a Heavy Weapon is increased by 35%. Upgrade: While carrying a Heavy Weapon, movement is increased by 35% and both evade speed and distance are increased by 25%.

The Engineer’s Heavy Weapons are no joke in Remnant 2, being capable of tearing apart regular monsters with ease, especially when the Metalworker perk has already been upgraded, which boosts the weapon’s overall damage output, maximum ammo reserve, and durability.

The major downside when carrying the weapon is how much slower it will make the Engineer, essentially turning him into a sitting duck if there aren’t others around him providing cover fire. Anyone playing as the Engineer Archetype should strive to get to level 8 as fast as possible to also gain the evade speed buff, which goes an extremely long way, especially in the late-game Worlds where dodging an enemy attack can mean life or death.

2 Powerlifter – Challenger The Challenger Holding His Iron Greatsword Ability: The stamina cost increases with each weight bracket is reduced by 50%. Upgrade: Both the stamina cost increase for each weight bracket and stamina regen delay are reduced by 50%

Weight in Remnant 2 will determine the speed, distance, and stamina cost of dodges, which may not be of much of an issue for lighter classes who largely avoid combat and stay at a safe distance, but for the Challenger who is constantly charging in and slicing enemies apart with his Iron Greatsword, he’s probably also going to be carrying some decent armor to keep him alive.

This makes Powerlifter one of the Challenger’s best perks since it largely negates the issue of the stamina cost being increased due to what the character is carrying, meaning players can spend much more time focusing on building the strongest character possible without needing to fret about how much extra weight it’s going to pile on. Since the upgraded version also lowers the stamina regen delay, this also allows the Challenger to move out of the way of attacks at a much more consistent rate, which is essential considering how many enemies are going to be swarming him at once.

1 Backbone – Medic Medic Loading his Handgun Ability: Increase the hits Medic can take before losing gray health by 1. Upgrade: Increase the hits Medic can take before losing gray health by 2.

The Medic forms the backbone of any team in Remnant 2, and without one in the party, it can make missions feel far more punishing than they have to be. Almost all of the Medic’s skills, traits, and perks are dedicated to providing health and buffs to the rest of the team, but this also means they are fairly ill-prepared when it comes to defending themselves.

This is where the Backbone perk comes into play, buffing the Medic’s defense by making it harder to get them down to gray health. Each time a character receives damage in Remnant 2, half of that lost health will be converted into gray health, which can heal over time on its own, so long as the player avoids damage. Allowing the Medic to take more hits also makes it much easier for them to save Relics, which can instead be used for the team rather than just the Medic themselves, making this a perk that is far more useful than it may initially seem on the surface.

Remnant 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X, and PC.

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