Remnant 2: How To Get Burden Of The Follower

Amulets and rings play a key part in Remnant 2’s buildcrafting. Every individual piece that goes into the player’s accessory slots contributes significantly to how a build performs, so choosing the right one for the right occasion should always be a priority. The Burden of the Follower, for example, is great for players who want to focus on using Mods rather than traditional gunfire.

Like all the other rings in the “Burden of” series, this one trades off one avenue of power in exchange for another. It’s great for some very specific Remnant 2 builds, and players will have to hunt this ring down if they want to make heavy use of weapon mods. Here’s how to get it.

Remnant 2: Burden of the Follower Location A hidden path lies to the right of this statue in Remnant 2's Endaira's End dungeon

The Burden of the Follower can be looted in the Endaira’s End dungeon — specifically, the labyrinth variation of it. Players who get the wind tower version may have to re-roll their run in order to get this ring.

After fighting through the Root monsters in the temple, players will eventually find Endaira’s Endless Loop in an altar near a small checkpoint. The large room behind this altar usually contains a statue with a bunch of pots and vases by one of its sides. Climb up the little ledge, break the vases, then roll down into the small hole in the floor. This path leads to a library with a few pages of lore and the Burden of the Follower ring.

The Burden of the Follower reduces the fire rate of all guns by 15% when worn. In exchange, it increases the player’s overall Mod Power Generation by 50%. This stacks with other similar rings like Faerin and Faelin’s Sigils, Spirit Stone, and the Stone of Malevolence. This ring is best used with single-shot weapons like the Crossbow and the Widowmaker rifle as they rely more on reload speed than fire rate.

Gunslingers can effectively negate the drawbacks of the Burden of the Follower thanks to one of their Archetype Traits. This makes the Gunslinger a good secondary Archetype to use in tandem with Archon, which has a number of Traits that further increase the player’s Mod-related stats.

Mods with low Mod Power requirements are generally better when used with the Burden of the Follower as they’ll be available more often. Options like Rotted Arrow dropped by Shrewd on Yaesha and Bloodline from the Merciless Long Gun are excellent offensive options to use with this ring.

Remnant 2 is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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