Remnant 2: Imperial Gardens Puzzle Solutions

Remnant 2 has a wide variety of dungeons that, in one way or another, feel unique from each other. The Imperial Gardens in Yaesha stands out with its root-infested landscape and the subtle, challenging puzzles that players won’t even know exist unless they look closely enough.

Fortunately, the puzzles in the Imperial Gardens aren’t too complicated. They will, however, require a lot of patience from players as there will be a lot of walking involved. See how to get all the important loot in this part of Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens: How to get the crossbow Symbol spawn locations in Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens

The first puzzle players are likely to notice relates to the Crossbow, a returning weapon from the first Remnant game that is just as strong as before. This weapon is hidden inside one of the main structures in the middle of the map, and players will need to open the Imperial Garden plinth to access it.

Players who’ve been through The Lament will know exactly what to do here – find four symbols, line them up on the Plinth, and open it to unlock a door. In this case, it will be a hatch that leads to the lower level.

The four points indicated on the map above show the possible spawn locations of stone markers that display the symbols needed to unlock the Plinth. These symbols will change from instance to instance, so take note of them before heading back to the main building in the center. Once the hatch is open, break into the room to get the crossbow and a chest full of resources.

Close jigsaw of the Imperial Gardens Bell Tower

The second puzzle in Imperial Garden is much more subtle. In the farthest corner of the map, players will see a bell tower in the distance. Go here and take the elevator up to find a ring, then head back down to the ground level. Once there, step on the elevator again to make it go up, then immediately roll back.

As the elevator ascends, players will notice large blue symbols in the shaft. Move away from the tower to notice four different symbols along the face of the tower. Watch the symbols and walk through a false wall between the first set of stairs leading back to the elevator.

Enter the four symbols on the plinth in the hidden area to unlock the door in front of it. Inside is the Blooming Heart, a relic that spawns healing spheres that players can choose from during a fight.

How to beat Mantagora The Momentum Mutator in Remnant 2

While technically not a puzzle, Imperial Gardens does have a boss in the form of the Mantagora, a gigantic flying stingray that hurls explosives at players. Unlike traditional Soulslike bosses, this monster will not attack players until attacked first.

Mantagora can be seen flying under the Imperial Gardens. Sometimes he will also fly above him and towards the giant tree near the beginning of the map. He fires once to start the fight and keeps shooting until he falls down. The problem with the Mantagora is that it is incredibly tanky and tends to fly outside the effective range of most weapons.

The best way to deal with this boss is to find him early and gradually lower his health as you explore the dungeon. This will prevent players from running out of ammo as there will still be enemies to hunt on the map.

Defeating Mantagora rewards the Momentum Mutator, which deals critical strikes to increase the user’s critical strike chance and critical strike damage.

Remnant 2 is available July 25th for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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