Remnant 2 Reveals Upcoming Features, Including Transmog


Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 has exceeded sales expectations and will be supported with future updates and DLCs. Community-requested features like transmog and loadout changes are being considered by the studio, while crossplay is also being explored. Future DLCs will introduce new character archetypes and will maintain the same level of quality as the base game, with no “phone it in” updates planned. Patches will continue to address performance issues and deliver balancing changes.

Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 has proven to be a smash hit for the studio, far exceeding the developer’s sales expectations almost immediately upon release. This has led to an Ask Me Anything community interview with Game Director David Adams, who was eager to respond to a huge number of questions and thus reveal some of the studio’s future plans for the game.

Considering the fact that Remnant 2 was a hit on release, it should come as no surprise that Gunfire Games plans to support the game for as long as it makes sense to do so, but Adams was able to provide a bit more context as to what that means exactly. Fans of Remnant 2 have much to look forward to, with some of the upcoming features having already been highly requested in the community.

Remnant 2 Game Director David Adams organized a Reddit AMA where he went into substantial depth on the future of the game by responding to questions from the community. Though many of the questions were jokes with appropriately jokey responses, there was a slew of valuable information shared too. Many players wish to be able to transmog one type of armor into another, for example, and Adams confirmed that Gunfire is looking into the feature, but that it’s not a huge priority at this time. The work on the loadout feature is more important, for example, as Gunfire wants players to be able to quickly swap from one build to another when needed. Crossplay, too, is being looked at, though there’s no timeline for its release at this time.

Adams was also keen to confirm that future DLCs will introduce more character archetypes, meaning it’s entirely possible a new secret class, like Remnant 2’s infamously complex Archon archetype, could pop up down the line. More broadly, Adams also said that Gunfire has no plans to develop “phone it in” DLC, meaning that players should expect the expansion packs to have the same level of polish and quality as the base game.

With three major DLCs on the way, it’s clear that Gunfire Games’ seminal release will stick around for a while yet, but big content drops are far from the only target that the studio is aiming at. Remnant 2 has been getting patches that both resolved many of the game’s performance issues and delivered key balancing changes for some of its content. This is bound to continue, according to Adams.

As Remnant 2 is a challenging Soulslike shooter that’s also loaded with content and has yet more goodies coming in the future, it’s bound to retain a sizable player base for the foreseeable future. The responses from Gunfire Games also suggest that the studio has big plans in both the short and the long term, which is a good sign in its own right.

Remnant 2 is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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