Remnant 2: Mod Power Generation, Explained

Apart from a massive arsenal of firearms and melee weapons, Remnant 2 players also have access to a wide variety of Weapon Mods that can fill in for any gaps a build might have. Some mods serve as capstones that can truly make certain load-outs shine, while others can be considered absolutely mandatory for specific setups.

At the heart of Weapon Mod usage is Mod Power, a resource that Remnant 2 doesn’t exactly explain well to players. Although it isn’t an overly-complicated concept, players will still need to understand how this mechanic works if they want to make the most out of their gear combinations.

What is Mod Power, and How Does It Work? Remnant 2 - Handler Petting The Dog

Simply put, Mod Power is the resource that players spend to use their Weapon Mods. This is denoted by the ring around a weapon’s mod icon on the lower-right portion of the HUD. The ring will gradually generate after every successful shot or attack that players land against an enemy.

Mod Power generation differs depending on the weapon. Single-shot firearms tend to generate more Mod Power per hit than automatic ones. Melee weapons generate Mod Power for all equipped firearms.

Likewise, every Weapon Mod has different Mod Power Requirements. Players can see these by hovering their mouse over the mod in the selection screen or by inspecting their weapons in their inventories. The highest requirement belongs to Defrag, which sits at 1,500 Mod Power. On the other hand, the Bloodline mod from the Merciless Long Gun has the lowest requirement at 350.

Special melee weapons that are crafted from boss drops or looted from specific areas may come with built-in mods. These don’t require any Mod Power, but they are often only usable after performing specific attacks like Charged Attacks or normal swings after performing a neutral backstep.

Players can greatly increase their innate Mod Power generation by equipping accessories or using consumable items. Here are some items to consider when making a mod-focused build:

Kinetic Shield Exchanger – Gain 25% Mod damage and 15% additional Mod Power when a SHIELD is active Burden of the Follower – Reduces fire rate by 15% but increases Mod Power generation by 50% Cataloger’s Jewel – Automatically generates 8 Mod Power per second Dense Silicon Ring – Gain 200% of regenerated health as Mod Power Faerin’s Sigil – Critical and Weakspot hits generate 10% more Mod Power Faelin’s Sigil – Melee hits generate more Mod Power

Remnant 2 is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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