Remnant 2: Where to find Soul Sparks

Remnant 2’s main campaign takes players across multiple worlds, each with different stories linked by a single goal: stop the Root once and for all. Between these worlds is N’erud, a desolate sci-fi hellscape that teeters on the precipice of obliteration.

In one of the possible story paths on this planet, a sinister, disembodied voice will task players with saving a race known as the Drzyr from total annihilation by finding a tin can of Soul Sparks, the last vestiges of their dying race. This task is a lot simpler than it sounds, but like most things in Remnant 2, it’s not exactly easy.

Location of Remnant 2 Soul Sparks The entrance to a Soul Spark vault in Remnant 2

The first thing players need to do is find the second open area in N’erud by finishing the first dungeon they encounter after exiting the prison. These areas may vary from game to game, but the objective will remain the same.

The Soul Sparks players are looking for aren’t inside any of the potential dungeons in the second area. Instead, it’s hidden away in an underground vault somewhere in the toxic wasteland. These vaults appear as pyramid-shaped structures with entrances leading to underground facilities.

There can be more than one of these vaults on the map, and the one players need to break into is the one with an airlock door, similar to the ones inside the prison. Enter the facility and grab the Soul Spark canister in the main chamber. This usually triggers a wave of zombies – kill them all, as the exit door will need time to open again.

Soul Spark Canister in Remnant 2

Finding the Soul Sparks is as simple as it sounds, but it’s made difficult by N’Erud’s hostile environment. Bad visibility and similar looking sand dunes don’t exactly help with finding the right underground bunker. The map in N’Erud is also difficult to read because there are no hard walls to serve as borders, making identifying the fog of war much more difficult.

Players who are having trouble finding the right bunker will just have to keep wandering around the wasteland while hitting every safe they can find. Check the immediate areas in front of the dungeon entrances or run along the edge of the death mist in hopes of unlocking a new unknown area of ​​the map.

Once you’ve found the Soul Sparks, head back to the prison and hand them over to the mysterious speaker behind the glass wall to trigger an important cutscene.

Remnant 2 is available July 25th for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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