Adorable Tattoo Turns Resident Evil's Leon Kennedy Into a Raccoon


A fan shares an adorable Leon S. Kennedy tattoo featuring a raccoon twist, and is praised for creativity and execution by the Resident Evil community. Most Resident Evil tattoos are not cute, but this “Leon S. Raccoonedy” design breaks the mold with fuzzy charm. Tylerjade_99’s raccoon-inspired tattoo gains popularity among fans, sparking interest in other cute designs for Resident Evil characters.

A fan of Resident Evil’s Leon S. Kennedy has shared an image of their charming tattoo based off the iconic character, with an adorable raccoon twist. The tattoo has gained a lot of praise from the Resident Evil fan community, both for its creativity and the overall execution of the design.

Resident Evil fans are no strangers to getting tattoos based off of the series, but given the survival horror game’s nature, most of them can’t be called cute or adorable. Between the horrifying zombies, BOWs, and the tough and cool cast of playable characters, there’s plenty of inspiration for impressive tattoo designs. However, this one takes Leon S. Kennedy’s iconic appearance from Resident Evil 2 and makes it much fuzzier.

Reddit user and Resident Evil fan tylerjade_99 shared their recently completed tattoo with fellow fans, revealing a depiction of Leon where he’s fully transformed into a raccoon. The design pulls plenty of inspiration from his first appearance in Resident Evil 2, with his “Leon S. Raccoonedy” version still wearing his iconic Raccoon City police uniform and carrying a pistol. The depiction has led one fan to suggest a Claire Redtail next, which tylerjade_99 seemed excited about and suggested could be a red panda.

The design has gained plenty of praise from other Resident Evil fans, most of whom seemed overjoyed at how cute the design was. Some viewers made jokes based off of Leon quotes, while others went so far as to envy the design and talked about wanting it in a less permanent form, like on a sticker. Tylerjade_99 noted that the design started out as something of a joke, and that it surprised them that this seems to be the first time a tattoo of this nature has popped up in the fandom. Whether or not other fans have already had raccoon versions of other Resident Evil protagonists tattooed on them, it seems as though the idea is popular enough that tylerjade_99 may not be the last to get a cute design like this.

It’s been a good time to be a Leon fan recently, with the acclaimed Resident Evil 4 Remake proving to be a huge success for Capcom. The series also saw the recent release of the Resident Evil: Death Island movie, which saw Leon return along fellow cast favorites like Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, and Jill Valentine. While it remains to be seen if and when Leon might return to the core game series, his character has appeared in some of the worst and best Resident Evil games, so there’s already plenty for fans to enjoy and to inspire fun tattoos like tylerjade_99’s.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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