Respectful but “lost”

Respectful but “lost”

Thursday, June 24, 2021 03:26 AM (GMT+7)

Taking pictures with lotus seems easy, but it’s not that simple, especially in the matter of choosing clothes.

Taking pictures with lotus attracts foreign girls.

There are many hobbies to play with lotus, some people choose to buy flowers to arrange, others want to use them to marinate tea, others cook dishes from lotus. And another way is to capture the moment with the lotus through the camera lens.

To have an impressive set of lotus photos, it is impossible not to mention the costumes. Besides the traditional style with camisole, skirt, ao dai, the girls also have many new variations. But they do not always create sympathy for the viewer.

Variations with modern costumes

Netizens discuss the lotus image of Nha Trang girl.

Not long ago, netizens talked about a girl’s running and jumping video in a lotus pond. They quickly found out this girl came to Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. She chose to wear an eye-catching red bodycon dress, the tight figure of this outfit maximizes the curves.

Combined with that, the beauty chose to wear sports shoes. Obviously, this is not the outfit girls choose when taking photos with lotus. The owner did not hesitate to share this outfit to help her stand out more.

Wearing a modern bikini, this girl is discussed by netizens.

Besides the bodycon, there is a girl named Ha Thanh who chooses to wear a bikini and take pictures with the lotus. However, her image was not appreciated for being inappropriate. Bikini should be worn at the beach, not at the pool. In addition, there are cases of young women wrapped in thin cloth, even semi-nude, taking pictures with lotus flowers. It is not forbidden to wear modern clothes, but it is important to dress smartly.

Some people even took off their clothes to take pictures with lotus.

Tradition doesn’t mean old

Traditional costumes still have a special attraction for Vietnamese women.

Traditional dress is the type of clothing that most girls choose to wear. The image of a gently flowing ao dai, a camisole, a simple but feminine dress mixed with lotus has contributed to honoring the feminine beauty of Vietnamese girls. Traditional clothing does not have to be old, it is important that it carries value.

But this does not mean that there is no objection when wearing traditional costumes. There are still the phenomenon of thin ao dai, wet camisole showing a lack of sophistication. Therefore, it is important how the person wears it.

Girls should pay attention to the material of the suit, avoid being thin and easy to be indiscreet. Along with that is the problem of lingerie to make your own image more complete.

The girls should pay attention to the overall outfit so that the image is beautiful and delicate.


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