Revealing the process of visiting the Miss Viet contestant in the “nude” room

Revealing the process of visiting the Miss Viet contestant in the “nude” room

Sunday, 11/8/2020 02:16 AM (GMT + 7)

The anthropometric room is a private “mystical” world with a lot to be revealed.

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The secret room where the beauty contestants are examined by a team of anthropologists.

The anthropometric room is a secret room that many people have heard about, but it’s really spoiled like few people know it. Miss Vietnam 2020 is a prestigious beauty contest, all contestants have to pass the “door to tell the truth” to have the opportunity to step further. Because, the anthropometric room, in addition to re-measuring the body index, is also a place to check whether contestants are “real” or fake.

The rules of the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest clearly state the conditions for the contest, including many points related to “anthropology”: Natural beauty, no childbirth, height of 1m63 or more, never before. cosmetic surgery, never transgender. Thus, the “anthropometric” examination is necessary and indispensable.

The anthropometric examination is done quite “simply”, consisting of two main parts, which are similar to physical examination but there are many other points. The anthropometric examination team consists of female doctors and technicians trained in anthropometric measurement and commentary methods.

Measurement part: Candidates are measured weight, standing height, and sitting height; Body rings: bust, waist circumference, buttocks (often called “bust 1, round 2, round 3”), thigh ring …

Comment section: In addition to the measurement (measurement) part is the comment section, including noting the level of “straightness” of the legs, the symmetry of the body (spine, shoulders, hips …), skin, manifestations (if any) of cosmetic surgery interventions, tattoos …

Revealing the process of visiting the Miss Viet contestant in the & # 34; nude & # 34;  - 2

One of the international standard anthropometric tools.

“Each contest has different conditions, standards and criteria, as just mentioned above, anthropology is the initial assessment. Speaking of beauty, first of all, about a beautiful person, this concept increasingly Not only in physical beauty, but also intellectually, emotionally and talentedly beautiful. The 30-year Miss Vietnam pageant clearly shows that, as evidenced by the fact that the contest is crowded with you. Children find themselves eligible to register as a memorable experience of their teenage years that as many of you have expressed: “whether to be in the rounds or not” ” Professor, Dr. Hoang Tu Hung – Head of the Miss Vietnam anthropology department shared.

What kind of anthropometric measure is it?

When it comes to measuring instruments, the tape measure is the item that comes to mind first. However, with the anthropometric laboratory with its own tools, it ensures absolute accuracy and is standardized internationally.

Ruler used to measure the future Miss candidates lies in a pair of Martin tools, including height, weight, bodybuilding indicators. Miss Vietnam when participating in the Miss World pageant will also be measured with this same ruler. Therefore, participating in the Miss Vietnam contest is also a way for the girls to know their international standard measurements.

According to Prof. Dr. Hoang Tu Hung, who has nearly 20 years sitting in the anthropometric room in the preliminary round of the Miss Vietnam competition, it is possible to get up to 1-2 cm in the early morning, “then the skeleton will expand after sleep”. Many of the names at the end of the alphabet, wait until noon until afternoon, have to fast to eat and drink to keep the waist as small as possible, in addition worry about sitting for a long time, the skeleton shrinks 1-2 cm.

In addition, there are some cases where the candidates lose weight quickly, making the skin not smooth. Especially the breast skin, many postpartum women suffer from slack in the body area, which makes the examination take longer than expected. This, in turn, affects the quality of their anthropometric beauty.

Revealing the process of visiting the Miss Viet contestant in the & # 34; nude & # 34;  - 3

Anthropometric beauty is the first element that the logistics beauty contestant has.

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To go deep in the Miss Vietnam contest, the contestants must pass the anthropometric test round.


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