Roblox: Berry Avenue Codes

Berry Avenue is an RPG experience brought to the platform by developer Amberry Games. Players take on the role of their character in the game, where they are free to start earning money, buy beautiful houses, collect items to decorate them, and buy a variety of cars to store in the garage.

In less than a year, Berry Avenue has become one of the biggest roleplaying games on Roblox after a successful debut in January 2022. As players continue to live a life of glamor and fame, developer Amberry Games continues to give away codes for everyone to customize their home with photo frames and wall stickers. Berry Avenue has an active player base of over 61,000 players and 630 million visits globally.

Updated June 5, 2023, by Artur Novichenko: This guide for Roblox fans has been updated to provide players with all the latest and most up-to-date Berry Avenue codes, which they can redeem to get some free decorations and pacifiers to use within their virtual house. New codes are added frequently, so players should check here each month for an updated list of Berry Avenue codes.

Listed below are all active and expired codes, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to redeem them.

All codes for Berry Avenue Berry-Avenue-Roblox-Codes

Roblox players looking to get some fabulous decorations for their Berry Avenue homes can use the following live codes.

These codes expire at random intervals, so be sure to redeem them as soon as they become available. Codes can only be redeemed once per account. Be sure to check back often as codes can be released anytime during the month.

Codes verified on June 2, 2023

All codes Active Berry Avenue (June 2023) Aesthetic Anime Pink – 7985335266 Aesthetic Beach – 8386771063 Aesthetic Leopard – 7852142869 Aesthetic Pastel Girl – 11009478995 Airplanes & Cars – 5894228176 Axololtl Pink Pacifier – 1108562077 6 Axolotl Pacifier – 11095198309 Baby Carousel – 10607552769 Baby Seal Baby – 494306759 Pacifier Bear – 11771034304 Black and White Building – 5119538877 Black Heart Pacifier – 11804408815 Blue Anime Girl – 9906339057 Blueberries – 1490702774 Blue Flowers – 1490703412 Blue Pixel Sky – 8991834 87 Blue Sky & Flower – 929730947 2 Blue Wolf – 10605620492 Cat Christmas Cookies – 8209959147 Christmas Anime Girl – 8192276172 Christmas Template – 5954377206 Clouds and Stars – 5860756483 Cry Baby Art – 6954443939 Cute Milk Pink – 6314862514 Flowers and Books – 2792728547 Fresh Christmas Trees – 537824 2224 Frog Pacifier – 110952275 24 Headless Pacifier – 13408257 Neon Pink Heart – 7212797722 Pink Anime Girl – 11425470452 Pink Anime Ice Cream – 7790577455 Pink Christmas Trees – 6005854793 Pink Heart Anime Girl – 11026864824 Pink Pacifier – 11251388730 Pink Pastel Roses – 7791889746 Pink Sanrio My Melody – 10630304694 Pink Skies & Bridge – 9297286284 Purple Pacifier – 11436322613 Snowy Forest – 149787226 Woman Head Pacifier – 11712511561 White Bag – 5508770029 Money – 12788134495 Yellow Pacifier – 11436404858 ‘Tis The Season to be Jolly – 1219668357 All Berry Avenue Codes Expired (June 2023) How to redeem codes on Berry Avenue berry-avenue-redeem

To redeem codes on Berry Avenue, players first need to own a house. After that, they can follow the instructions below to start redeeming codes. If one of the codes doesn’t work, it could be because the players entered it incorrectly. If not, it could be that the code has recently expired or has already been redeemed.

Start Berry Avenue Enter the player’s house and click on the item you want to customize Paste the code into the field Enter Decal ID Press Done to collect rewards How to Play Berry Avenue

Playing Berry Avenue is very easy and fun. On the right panel, players will find buttons like:

Avatar – here players will be able to edit their avatar. The game offers a huge selection of clothes and all kinds of accessories, so fans will definitely not have problems with the choice. Vehicle – here players will be able to choose any vehicle of their choice, paint it, turn on the lights, etc. Items – here players can find and use any items. This is mainly needed for PR. House – here players can choose the house or apartment they want to live in.

Roblox is available for PC, mobile and Xbox One.

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