Roblox: Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (September 2023)

Combat Warriors is an intense action-packed PVP game inspired by Blood Flow and Criminality. Roblox players are given a range of weapons and maps on which they can fight each other to the death. The game boasts a diverse control system, so in addition to the standard movement controls, it allows players to roll and dodge. Combat is highly customizable too, with a large combination of moves available to deal with opponents in creative ways.

One interesting feature of this game is the ability to add to the epic nature of killing an opponent with unique sound effects. In this article, Roblox players can find a list of Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs, a special type of code that can be used to enhance the experience even further. With a wide range of arsenal and diverse controls, players can engage in endless hours of intense battles in this epic game.

Updated September 5, 2023, by Artur Novichenko: This article is updated every month, so players can check it during this period to get new IDs. Unfortunately, the developers have not added any new IDs over the course of the past month, but there are still plenty of active Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs for new players to redeem.

All Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs (Combat Warriors Codes) Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (1)

Combat Warriors has recently gained wide popularity, and players have fallen in love with this game because of its action and drive. The developers are eager to support this project and add various maps and new features, including more Kill Sound IDs. This article is constantly updated to provide players with all of the latest information. Below, fans can find a list of Kill Sound IDs:

Codes Checked on September 5, 2023.

All Active Kill Sound IDs (September 2023)

8700353843 – You thought it was over.

7477399357 – Okay, I pull up.

8835052762 – Back in your cage monkey.

8361667514 – COD Zombie.

8206613250 – What a shame.

7393653993 – Get sadistic.

7731257875 – Masquerade.

8120788861 – Anime Kill song.

7807987190 – Grim Reaper.

8621344741 – Counting Stars.

6879335951 – Samsung Notification.

7361042352 – Mario death.

8395383233 – brick break.

7528566442 – Hello Bozo.

8267984616 – Ima make It look pretty.

8232443738 – Sick beat.

7601135039 – That Brother Gone.

142376088 – Raining Tacos.

7405233417 – Sorry about that.

9057023555 – Leave me alone.

1058417264 – You suck.

8156780600 – HEHEHEHA.

8786891922 – Chinawave.

8630619335 – Backstabber.

9013453392 – Mike will make it.

6823378863 – Idk name.

3627436232 – Jedi.

9114156521 – Jojo Kimeo.

8842446965 – Nah ichi ni san.

8904888220 – Disappointed SpongeBob.

9118868269 – Gimme more.

9117881412 – If I can’t have you, no one can.

How to Redeem Kill Shound IDs in Combat Warriors Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (2)

Redemption of Kill Sound IDs in Combat Warriors is a very simple task. However, if players are still having problems, this step-by-step guide should help to solve them. They should keep in mind though that to unlock the ability to redeem a Kill Sound ID, players will need to pay 199 Robux.

Open Roblox and launch Combat Warriors. In the main menu of the game, find the settings. Click on it. Go to the “Audio” tab. Enter the above IDs in the “Kill Sound ID” field. Combat Warriors Tips and Tricks Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (3)

To begin with, players need to learn how to move correctly, slide, dash, stomp, and so on, which will lead to success. The next step is to master the combat mechanics. It’s not that difficult. Players just need to hit the enemy at the right moment. Completing daily quests is also a key to success, as these quests offer in-game currency with which players can buy new weapons.

Best Roblox Fighting Games Like Combat Warriors Roblox Combat Warriors Kill Sound IDs List (4)

One of the best things about Roblox is the huge variety of games on offer. This bodes well for those who are starting to get bored of their favorite Roblox games, as there are usually plenty of great alternatives just waiting to be discovered. Below, players can learn about the five best Roblox games like Combat Warriors:

Project Slayers A One Piece Game Arsenal Dragon Blox Base Battles

Roblox is available on PC, Mobile, and Xbox One.

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