Rune Factory 3: How Long to Beat

Rune Factory 3 Special is a comforting remake of an old RPG from XSEED. Players will need to meet the other villagers, make friends, get married, have kids, farm, tame and fight monsters, and more. There is a lot to do in this little world, and players might be wondering just how much content is in it. In order to break down how long this Rune Factory title will take to beat, players will first need to figure out how much of a completionist they want to be in this cozy RPG for Switch.

How Long Is the Basic Story of Rune Factory 3 rune factory 3 special opening video

This type of game is hard to pin down exactly how much time players are supposed to take playing because of its relaxed nature. If players of this simulation game remake are just looking to see credits roll, they can expect to spend about 20 to 30 hours with it. The time played can vary quite a bit, depending on which Rune Factory 3 villager the player wishes to romance if they want children, and what they want to accomplish before their time in RF3 is over.

Overall, it seems most players of the original DS version logged about 26 to 45 hours, and it seems like the update will have about the same amount of content as the first Rune Factory 3.

How Long Does It Take to 100% Rune Factory 3 Special Micah and some bachelorettes in Rune Factory 3 Special

Looking to do everything that this farming simulation has to offer? Players can expect to put around 100 hours in a completionist playthrough of this Rune Factory title. This is based completely on the average playtime of the 100% competionist route on the DS, though, so it may be a little longer or a little shorter for the Switch and PC update. Either way, it will take more than four full 24-hour days to get everything done.

While players might not be ready to go a full 100% route, they will at least want to dive into some of the side content; there is a lot of content and heart in all the little adventures that the main character can have. It’s pretty easy to dump a whole lot of hours into taming monsters, making friends, and completing everything that seems like fun. Needless to say, most players will get their money’s worth out of the cost of this brand-new Switch remake.

Rune Factory 3 Special is available now for PC and Switch.

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