Santos Row 4 Switch Review

Saints Row is a beloved franchise for many, many reasons, all of which stem from its pure, unbridled commitment to fun above all else. The franchise sees the main character go from low-level street thug to kingpin to POTUS, all accompanied by fun story twists, fun minigames, and a constant drive to always do what’s right. funniest, rather than the most meaningful. That’s why the prospect of Saints Row 4 getting a Switch port is so intriguing, and why the game’s launch ahead of its expected release date is so exciting.

This version of Saints Row comes with all the DLC that adds story expansions, weapons, and side content to the base game, and keeps the Saints Row staple: co-op. With online, LAN, and local options, the best way to play Saints Row 4 is still available even on Nintendo Switch.

Graphics Row 4 of the Saints is shooting at an alien

While the Saints Row 3 Switch port was plagued with technical issues and slowdowns, Saints Row 4 runs much better on the platform. However, the game looks a bit haggard. The developers had to reduce the draw distance, texture resolution, and effects to keep the frame rate stable during the demanding action, but it’s a worthy sacrifice because the most important gameplay remains excellent.

That said, the visual style of Saints Row still holds up well, even with the downgraded graphics. These games always have a pleasant, colorful, cartoony look that emphasizes the over-the-top story turns. Just cartoonish enough to be fun, and stylized enough to be cool, the overall look of Saints Row 4 for Switch relies on its art style and extensive customization more than its graphical prowess. .

gameplay flying through a Saints Row 4 city

The gameplay feels very similar to how it felt on consoles when the game first launched. Aiming and shooting with the joy-cons can be a pain for those used to full-size controllers, but that’s to be expected on the Switch. Other than that, the gameplay of Saints Row is like no other. For those who don’t know, it might sound like a GTA clone, but Saints Row is much more than that. Massive action set-pieces, an engrossing array of minigames, and constant variation in gameplay are what make any Saints Row game great.

Saints Row 4 is unique in that it also introduces superpowers into the gameplay. There is no other game where the player goes from raiding a compound as a special agent, to riding a nuclear missile in the sky in an attempt to disarm it, to crash-landing in the oval office and somehow becoming President, until the fight. from an alien invasion, to being tormented in a twisted version of the Matrix, all within the first half hour of gameplay. Superpowers, minigames, and real story twists haven’t even started at that point, and Saints Row 4 has already packed more characters and jokes than most games have done in their entire playing time. Every little touch seems to be asked by the developers: “what is the most fun here?” and then did it.

Portability a wild minigame

Porting a game to the Nintendo Switch doesn’t just depend on how good the game is, but how good it is for the Switch. If someone can get Saints Row 4 on any console, why would they choose the Switch? In this case, Saints Row works perfectly on the portable console. There are tons of minigames and tons of side content to explore in Saints Row 4 which works whether two players are trying to play through the main story or one player wants to finish some quick diversions on the go. Once superpowers are introduced, there’s rarely any need to drive at all, so taking a few minutes to zip across the skyline and grab collectibles lends itself well to the Switch’s portable functionality.

Co-op is a fantastic way to experience Saints Row, and luckily co-op on Switch is just as robust. It’s very easy to create side content on your own, and then join a friend to complete other things together. Overall, Saints Row 4 loses little in its Switch port, and comes with an attractive bundle with every DLC unlocked and the ability to take one of the most beloved games like GTA on the go.

Saints Row 4 Re-Elected Edition is out now for Nintendo Switch. Today Technology was provided with a code for this review

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