Scarlet Nexus – 10 Best Other Challengers to Beat

Scarlet Nexus is an action JRPG developed by Bandai Namco. It also received its own anime adaptation of the same title, before the successful Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Within the game, players take on the role of one of two playable characters – Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall.

These characters are members of the Other Suppression Force (OSF) who are tasked with defending and protecting their planet from enemies known as Others. The OSF members the player will meet have unique abilities needed to defeat enemies. They can be accessed through the SAS, a brain communication that allows the use of different skills for a limited time. Others, a name that highlights how otherworldly these beings are, come in many terrifying shapes and sizes. While there are several groups of enemies with unique powers and wacky names, these examples stand out.

10 Yawns (Group) Scarlet Nexus, Yawn

This group of Others consists of Brawn Yawn, Grin Yawn, Spawn Yawn, and Vine Yawn. The Spawn Yawn operates a little differently than the rest. Hates having anything behind him, as the organ in the back is a weak point. He turns as soon as the player gets behind him, so you need to be quick. Getting around with Arashi Springs’ Hyperspeed and Kagero Donnes’ Invisibility is effective.

The other types of Yawn also have unique characteristics. Vine Yawn can copy itself, Grin Yawn can breathe fire, and Brawn Yawn crawls along the ground and leaps with a powerful attack. All yawns have an alligator-like snout with which they bite and attack.

9 pounds (group) Scarlet Nexus, Libra

This group of Others consists of Missin Pound, Cushion Pound and Session Pound. Mission Pound will spit a smokescreen to obscure the player’s field of vision and attack by spitting fire projectiles from a distance. If the player uses Tsugimis’ clairvoyance, he can nullify the smokescreen to attack her. The Cushion Pound also fires fire projectiles, but will spin around to hit the player with its hard shell if they get too close.

The Session Pound has three heads and sings. When prey – the player – approaches, the song it sings is a countdown to its self-destruction and will blast the player with it. The music cannot be stopped once it has started, however damage from the explosion can be withstood. Using invisibility or teleportation is recommended.

8 Route (Group) Scarlet Nexus, routine

This group includes Rat Rut, Cut Rut and Shut Rut. All of these Ruts are characterized by their hard outer shells. The Rat Rut stores oil inside its wheel-shaped body and sprays oil. The organ inside its shell is the weak point, so using psychokinesis or duplication is effective in breaking its shell. Much like the Rat Rut, the Cut Rut stores water in its shell. It sprays water from above and is protected by its rigid exterior. Water and oil dampen the player and slow them down, so it’s best to avoid them.

The Shut Rut have a cage-like exterior that can be broken by powerful attacks, however they can recoil and regenerate their shell. They fire projectiles that confuse the player, causing them to move in random directions. These projectiles also get confused. As they approach, they think they’ve already captured the player, so the interior will fill with explosive gas to self-destruct.

7 Santa Claus (Group) Scarlet Nexus, Santa Claus

This group comprises Barrista Santa, Saliva Santa and Sparta Santa. Barrista Santa launches objects with its tentacle-like organs, which are tough and hit the player directly. Using clairvoyance, discerning the path of thrown objects can help to conquer the Other. Psychokinesis can be used to throw objects back at him.

Saliva Santa, as its name suggests, spits out and drenches the player in saliva. As he hides in his box, it is necessary to use abilities such as hyperspeed or teleportation to get close enough to attack. Sparta Santa, on the other hand, can double up. Using clairvoyance to see which is the duplicate and which is the real thing is the key to winning the battle.

6 Sabbat (Group) Scarlet Nexus, Sabbat

This group consists of the Sabbat Wither, Sabbat Auger and Sabbat Booger. These Others take on a bull/horse/stag appearance, which is appropriate for their attack style. They all attack the player with powerful headbutts, stronger than any normal land mammal. Wither Sabbats’ attack has a long duration, but its damage is powerful. Charges must be deflected in order for the player to reach the weak point on its back.

The Auger Sabbat is aided by the pointed shell on its head. Using Sclerokinesis to increase players’ strength, they can approach the Auger Sabbat and break its shell. The Booger Sabbat shoots mushrooms from its head that mistake the player for spores. His nose is exposed when he flings the mushroom’s spores, so using Teleportation or Hyperspeed will help him get close before the effect kicks in.

5 Chinery (Group) Scarlet Nexus, chinery

This group of Others consists of Winery Chinery, Slippy Chinery and Juttie Chinery. The Winery Chinery sprays a fluid to drench the area, then releases electrical projectiles to electrocute everyone within that space who becomes drenched. Its weak points are its legs, so using Invisibility or Hyperspeed to quickly attack it before it can pulverize and electrocute is key.

Slippy Chinery oozes oil and can change its color to blend in with its surroundings. This can be countered by using clairvoyance to see better. As it is covered in oil, the player can also use pyrokinesis to set it on fire. To defeat Juttie Chinery, the player must break its outer shell to reach its weak interior.

4 Gunkin (Group) Scarlet Nexus, gunkin

This group consists of two Significant Others known as Gunkin Perry and Gunkin Fisher. Gunkin Perry stores oil in its tank-like organs and is extremely aggressive. It can jump high using its six legs and can land on the player. From afar, it will launch its oil in the form of a projectile, which hinders movement and makes the player flammable. It is, however, vulnerable to its own oil. If the player breaks the tank and pours the oil into it, he can set it on fire.

Gunkin Fisher also stores oil in its tank-like organs. It attacks by spraying from a distance. He can climb walls and ceilings when he feels threatened and tries to counter ranged attacks from the top player. A surefire way for players to defeat him, as well as the Gunkin Perry, is to cover him in oil and set him on fire.

3 Coil Moil (Boss) Scarlet Nexus, coil moil

This other boss has two states – ice and water. Coil Moil is extremely dangerous and has minimal data collected in-game. Using pyrokinesis is the most effective way to attack him, as the player wants to melt ice into water. Then electrokinesis is the key to electrocute him during his water form.

Coil Moil attacks the surrounding area with pillars of water, which act as its protection. Its weak spot is on its back, so the player must maneuver water pillars to get to it. It’s a challenge to run around him to attack the weak spot. Using Teleport or Speed ​​to reach the weak point is imperative for success.

2 Cort Mort (boss) Scarlet Nexus, Mort Court

Cort Mort is one of the biggest Others the player will experience towards the end of the game. Although fans cannot kill him, he still poses a danger. This boss contains several Others within its body and can control them to attack all of them at once. He can send several Others out of his mind and destroy large structures.

This boss fight, however, is different from the rest. The player must run and evade all of Cort Mort’s incoming attacks. Using Gemma Garrisons’ sclerokinesis, enhanced strength is key to withstanding the combo attacks she unleashes.

1 Dominus Circus (Boss) Scarlet Nexus, dominus circus

Dominus Circus is arguably the most fun and unique boss fight in the game. This big Other is extraordinarily dangerous, as it has incredible strength. It has multiple forms that the player must overcome throughout the fight. The different forms have a shield on their right arm, a sword on their left arm, and a helmet on their head.

He can protect himself by spraying water or creating walls of water to block. The shock wave from its swing is immense and needs to be avoided. In one of its forms, it creates a smokescreen and sprays oil. This boss fight is the ultimate test of whether players have mastered all nine SAS skills.

Scarlet Nexus is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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