Former Xbox Console Exclusive Horror Game Confirms PS5 Release Date


Former Xbox exclusive horror game Scorn is coming to PS5 in October, offering a puzzle-based horror experience with a nightmarish atmosphere and striking visuals. Scorn’s release on Xbox Game Pass from day one helped create a cult following, despite mixed reviews regarding its combat, puzzles, and relatively short runtime. The move to PS5 gives Scorn the opportunity to attract a new audience while also providing Xbox players with the chance to purchase the Deluxe Edition.

Former Xbox console-exclusive horror game Scorn is slated to release on PS5 in October. Scorn was a day one Xbox Game Pass game last fall, and now the first-person survival horror title is heading to the rival PlayStation console.

Despite some visual similarities to the FPS franchise Doom, Scorn is much more of a puzzle-based horror title. The PS5 version of Scorn was announced in June via a trailer on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. Along with the announcement that the former exclusive was jumping ship, that trailer also showcased the game’s Deluxe Edition for PS5 which features a copy of Scorn, a steelbook case, a digital artbook, and the title’s well-received soundtrack. Now, a new look at the game teases its upcoming release date.

A new trailer from Scorn developer Ebb Software debuted during Gamescom, culminating with a release date confirmation for the PS5 version of October 3, 2023. The roughly minute-long trailer showcases the game’s nightmarish atmosphere, various horrifying monsters, and its puzzle-based gameplay mechanics. The trailer also shows off the Deluxe Edition of Scorn and announced it is now available to pre-order for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Timed console exclusivity is not an uncommon trend these days. Just last month, Xbox Game Pass added a former PlayStation console exclusive with indie puzzler Maquette. This time, the tables have turned a bit as it is Xbox that’s letting one of its former console exclusives move to PlayStation. With developers and publishers looking to make their games available to larger audiences, this is likely not a trend that will discontinue any time soon.

Scorn reviews were mixed when it was released on Xbox Series X/S and PC last year. While many applaud the game’s horrifying atmosphere, striking H.R. Giger-inspired horror visuals, and striking soundtrack, critics weren’t as eager to praise Scorn’s combat or its puzzles. A relatively short runtime also rubbed players the wrong way, but many still considered Scorn to be an admittedly original addition to the horror genre.

Mostly due to some early player expectations, Scorn became one of the handful of Xbox-exclusive games that were review bombed at launch. Still, the game has persevered to find something of a cult audience, perhaps due to its availability on Xbox Game Pass from day one. Maybe the move to PS5 can help the game attract a new audience. Additionally, fans of the game on Xbox have something to celebrate as they also get the opportunity to purchase the Deluxe Edition.

Scorn is available for PC and Xbox Series X/S, with a PS5 version slated to release on October 3, 2023.

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